Top Real Estate Discovery Apps in Singapore


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Buying a new house is a big decision in your life, but finding that perfect home can turn into a tedious, nerve-racking task if you don’t have the right resources to help you out. Luckily, nowadays there’s an app for everything e.g. Taxi, Bus, Dating and Entertainment– including house hunting! With real estate mobile apps, you can browse through thousands of deals online, save up on gas money and get a genuine, accurate look at your potential purchase using HD photos. These apps are designed to narrow down your search and allow you to enjoy a hassle-free real estate experience. So without further ado, here are some of the most reliable house hunting mobile apps available in Singapore.


Top Real Estate Discovery Apps in Singapore - Property Guru

  1. PropertyGuru

Produced by Asia’s award winning and leading online real estate group, this mobile application allows you to receive accurate updates and authentic property information. Featuring customizable search options (according to bedroom number, PSF, manufacturing date and price range) and a comprehensive Agent Directory with real estate specialists, PropertyGuru grants you access to over 210,000 buildings in Singapore. Allowing you to personalize your search by location, nearby MRT stations and apartment type (condos, HDB, walk-ups, duplexes), the app registers and saves your favorite locations and offers you instant connection with agents by email, call or text message. With cross-platform access, you can also share your desired apartments with your loved ones.


Top Real Estate Discovery Apps in Singapore -


This mobile app is very promising in terms of real estate classification, as it’s based on a true-blue search engine and doesn’t rely on the conventional pay-to-list model. With investments from Sequoia and the Facebook co-founder, allows you to buy a condo, HDB or landed property using search filters, interactive maps and high-quality photos. You also received detailed information about your desired property – including floor size, commuting time to your work building and proximity to bus stations and supermarkets. What’s unique about is that listings are not classified through paid advertisement, but rather according to quality. On other similar platforms, the real estates you see first are those put up by property agents who paid the most money to market their business. promises to offer you honest and accurate search results and does so effectively, connecting you to sellers with a simple tap.


Top Real Estate Discovery Apps in Singapore - STProperty

  1. STProperty

Featuring over 120,000 listings, including overseas real estate, this mobile application is a perfect on-the-go alternative if you’re looking for something simple, fresh and easy to navigate. Granting you access to both commercial and residential properties, as well as foreign locations, STProperty allows you to customize your search according to district, adjacency and price. With direct contact and sharing options, you can instantly connect with agents and share your favorite properties with friends and family via social media platforms.


Top Real Estate Discovery Apps in Singapore -

  1. iProperty

Widely-known across Southeast Asia as the number 1 property website, this mobile application offers you access to an extensive database of real estate and comprehensive property information. Designed to be extremely user-friendly, iProperty has a standard search engine for residential and commercial locations, covering over 40,000 buildings in Singapore. With mortgage calculators and nearby search options, the app keeps you updated on the latest real estate news and can help you efficiently compare rates and determine affordability. In addition, you can share your favorite listings on social media and browse for various mortgage deals, as well as instantly contact developers and sellers.

Whether you’re looking to swap apartments, you’re new to the city and want to find a smart, low-cost deal or you want to open up a new business and you need a high-profile location, one of these real estate discovery apps is bound to lead you to the property you’re looking for. So make sure you download the one that best caters to your needs and good luck with your house hunting!


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