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RobustTechHouse is a Web, Mobile App (iOS & Android), Chatbot and Blockchain Development Company based in Singapore.

We offer these services for clients ranging from start-ups to large companies. With our in-depth technical experience and domain expertise, we strive to add value to your idea.

Developing a website, mobile application, chatbot or blockchain system is a journey, best undertaken with a reliable partner. We would like to be that partner for enterprises and serious startups. To do this, we are always learning and improving. We differentiate ourselves from other companies by taking a “solutions” approach, focusing on innovation and emphasizing transparency (and therefore accountability) to our clients.

We strive to be your best technology partner to join you in the mobile application development journey.

The services we provide include mobile apps development, eCommerce web and app development, chatbot development and blockchain development.

In particular, we love fintech projects. We are advised by technology and financial experts with many years of experience in Trading, Portfolio Management, Stock Analysis, Insurance related modelling and Risk Management. 

We have developed numerous applications with many different features and functionalities. While developing these applications, we have learnt about many frameworks, APIs and are now confident to build these features into your application. Even if we haven’t had experience with the feature you need, we are always keen to research and learn new technologies. After all, learning, experimenting and catching up with the latest technologies is what drives us.

Client Testimonials

  • I'm continually impressed with your team and have thoroughly enjoyed working with them. I have recommended your company to everyone I've talked to and would pick RTH again in a heartbeat - Akira, Founder of Gohji

  • It's been a fantastic experience working with RTH.  Their developers were able to fully appreciate complex needs of Zestora, our mobile solutions app for pain conditions. They were able to help us identify ways to make the user interface intuitive and make the app work smoothly. The end result exceeded the expectations of our team and customers. They are also very responsive to changes and support requests we made. Best of all, their pricing was far more reasonable compared to developers of similar quality. - Dr Terence Tan, Owner, Zestora

  • Our experience with RTH was very positive. The team was highly professional and used effective tools in managing the project. They were proactive and frequently provided good recommendations to help us further improve on our website. We look forward to working with them on future projects - Tara Teo,

  • RTH is a very professional and innovative company, and we are very happy to have chosen RTH as our software development partner. During our engagement, RTH developed a good understanding of our requirements, and successfully implemented the vision we had for our website & app. RTH shows great commitment to their customers, and is a great company to work with. - Julius Lim, CompAsia

  • RobustTechHouse is great in both IT development and knowledge of financial instruments. They are very responsive, committed, professional and collaborated very well with us for our mobile app development project. We trust the RobustTechHouse team and look forward to fostering a growing relationship with them.- Pok Xiaoguo, Business Technology Director in Golden Equator ConsultingAlso see our GoldenEquator CRM app case study

  • RobustTechHouse has a reliable, professional and friendly team that develops robust web and mobile applications that they promised. They will proactively go over and above their call of duty to add value to your ECommerce and Mobile-Commerce needs. I had a very positive experience with them and would strongly recommend them.- Winson Lee, Head of Direct TV, JML Singapore. Also see our JML case-study

Our Valued Clients




iOS Application Developer

Our developers relentlessly persevere to build you an awesome mobile applications that meets your business needs. We have experimented and integrated with all sorts of APIs including sensors, payment processors, QR code scanners, market data, location based capabilities and many others. We really believe we can go deep and understand your business needs and deliver more than just plain technology solutions.

Android App Developer

Android App Developer

Android Application Developer

Our experienced Android application developers have worked with all sorts of Android devices depending on our clients’ needs. We adhere to industry best practices to overcome all technical obstacles to develop the application you need whether you are in finance, retail or a company in any other sectors in Singapore or other countries.

RoR Web App Development

RoR Web App Development

Ruby On Rails Web Application Development

The enterprise web framework we prefer is Ruby On Rails for our apps development. Like us, Ruby On Rails is opinionated, in a good way. We believe it embraces best practices for web development and leads to more robust and scalable code for reasonably sizable web projects. Whether it is hosted on our favourite Heroku or your preferred hosting environment on Nginx, Passenger or Unicorn etc in Singapore or other countries, we have done it all before. We have experience working with and integrating many different payment gateways including Paypal, BrainTree, Stripe, Checkout, WireCard, AsiaPay and many others in Singapore and globally. We also worked with many other common web technologies providers like Zopim, Mandrill, MailChimp and many more.

Wordpress and PHP Web Development

Wordpress and PHP Web Development

WordPress and PHP Web Development

The World Wide Web is made up of many different web technologies but WordPress and PHP reigns supreme in terms of market share, ease of use and cost competitiveness for many less complex websites. Many of our own simpler websites are built on WordPress and PHP. If you need help with your WordPress site or exciting WordPress plugins that you want to use on your site, our developers are here for you. With our business savvy, will help you create professional websites that will suit the ideal image of your business. For your needs, we will offer solutions that will streamline your business processes to maximize your sales while minimizing your overhead costs.

Our Approach

Our Development Process

  • Requirements

    Our technical consultants work closely with you to understand your needs, your industry, your business and your goals. Other than knowing our software well, we also have very good grasp of your business objectives. We won't be afraid to be honest with our tech advice and to help you be cost effective while reaching your goals.

  • Design

    We will work with you to wireframe what you need for each of your screens and walk you through the screenflow. We will make our best technical assessments for the mobile app development process and make suitable recommendations for technical designs. You should always feel free to let us know if you have other suggestions.

  • Development

    We believe very much in being transparent with our development process. We will keep you updated and engaged very frequently during the web and mobile app development process. We will frequently provide you with the web and mobile app prototypes that are work in progress so you can experiment with them and provide early feedback.

  • Testing

    We frown and get very unhappy using buggy software and we know you do too. For our web and mobile app development projects, we test ferociously and then even more ferociously to make sure we get rid of all bugs before the final delivery milestone of the web and mobile app development process. We adhere to our mantra of delivering robust and bug-free solutions.

  • Iterate

    We work closely with you for any changes you might have during the project. We will iterate as necessary depending your web or mobile app development needs. Whether you have new ideas during or after the project, we will collaborate with you as your technology partner, see how your ideas add value to your business and work with you for your change requests.

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