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RobustTechHouse strives to be at the forefront of Chatbot Development in Singapore. With recent advances in Natural Language Processing, supported by Artificial Intelligence, Chatbots are now able to understand a much wider array of user inputs.

Together with the greater availability of APIs, particularly with the support of the Singapore Government, Chatbots now can automatically take actions pursuant to user inputs.

The result is the creation of a whole new way for users to more conveniently communicate their intents and for systems to automatically recognize and act on these intents.

Many use cases lend themselves naturally to such conversational interactions, beyond the limited use cases that “virtual assistants” used to provide.

Check out our chatbot platforms and demos (WeatherBotConciergeBot, After Sales Bot, Loyalty Management Bot, Facilities Management Bot, ICO Bot) to see what we mean ! Contact us to discuss how chatbots can help your business.

Chatbots are

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