Here are the services we provide

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Our Services

Mobile App Development

We handle your mobile app development projects in iOS and Android. Whether you are an innovative start-up in Singapore or other countries with an idea to disrupt a market with your mobile app, or a large global corporation needing help with enterprise mobile app development, we are keen to help.

Chatbot Development

The use of Chatbots to engage your customers can differentiate you from your competitors and provide your customers with a new and seamless way to interact with your business. Drop us a note and let’s think about ways in which Chatbots can bring your business to the next level !

ECommerce and Mobile Commerce

We develop both web and mobile applications for our clients to support their exciting ECommerce and Mobile-Commerce needs in Singapore or other countries. With our in-depth experience, we can add substantial value with our domain expertise to offer solutions for clients ranging from start-up merchants in Singapore to very large scale global online web retail operations.

Blockchain Development

We support blockchain startups and companies wishing to conduct an Initial Coin Offering (“ICOs”) by developing smart contracts, ERC20 tokens and ICO websites.

Blockchain technology is disrupting many industries. Contact us to have a chat on how blockchain can support your business or startup.

Drop us a note to request for a free quote !

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We look forward to your messages. Please drop us a note for any enquiries and we'll get back to you, asap.

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