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Web-sites are now ubiquitous whether that in Singapore or elsewhere. Almost all business and corporate entities need a well-designed website to showcase their brand, purpose, services and products.

ECommerce web-sites allow businesses to effectively reach all your customers easily and give them opportunities to transact online conveniently from wherever they are located using whatever devices they are on whether that is their desktop, phones, tablets or wearable devices.

For many businesses, it’s an inexpensive option to have your own ECommerce web-based store compared to traditional brick-and-mortar retail shop which could incur very high rental expenses. For those more established businesses with existing brick-and-mortar retail shops, a well-developed ECommerce store can help your business reach out to a global audience and create competitive advantages in the marketplace.

Here at RobustTechHouse, with our experience in ECommerce, web design and web development, our team of developers and product managers will empower you to manage your ECommerce store easily and affordably with minimal management effort whether you are in Singapore or overseas.


RobustTechHouse is an affordable and creative web and mobile app development company focusing on ECommerce. We shine only if your ECommerce website shines and brings you your sales.

You will find that we go over and above our usual call of duty for technology and add value with our business perspectives too having been in the business for helping to grow ECommerce businesses. We can add substantial value with our domain expertise for companies in Singapore ranging from small family businesses, start-ups to large web retailer enterprises for your ECommerce web design and development needs.

Our web design and web developer teams in Singapore and Vietnam are very well versed in ECommerce concepts, web design and web development.  Our satisfied customers and their positive reviews continue to drive us to deliver. Check out our portfolio here.

Whether you are new to ECommerce or an experienced ECommerce entrepreneur or a large retailer company, we have the capability to help you with your ECommerce websites, web design and web development needs. We will enable you to manage your online ECommerce websites easily, create the categories, sub-categories and product items you need with ease.

E-Commerce Package Functionality


  • Help with selection of beautiful themes and templates
  • Support on all major browsers
  • Responsive Design To Lay Out Beautifully on Different Devices
  • Dynamic content with an Advanced Content Management System (CMS)
  • Site structure and navigation system design


  • Shopping Cart Capabilities
  • Customized Contact Us Form eg with Google Map
  • Live Chat System
  • Confirmation Emails
  • Customer Facebook Login
  • Member registration
  • View order history
  • Tracking number for orders
  • Address book for multiple shipping and billing addresses
  • Coupon discount codes
  • Social Media Integration
  • Mail Chimp Import and Integration
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Integration With Selected Payment Gateways For Secure Checkout
  • Different payment mechanisms include credit card and/or paypal
  • Guest payment without login


  • Unlimited Products Allowed
  • Unlimited Product Options Allowed
  • Unlimited Categories Allowed
  • Show which products are new
  • Show which products on sale with promotional prices
  • Show other related or popular products for cross-selling
  • Show recently viewed products
  • Show product reviews
  • Products in multiple categories
  • Configurable product sort order
  • Multiple images per product
  • On mouseover on product, alternate image or other other effects
  • Individual product like and share integration
  • Free or Flat Rate Shipping or slightly customized shipping or
  • handling cost logic
  • Product image zoom in on product detailed page
  • Add products to wishlist


  • Web-based admin panel
  • Create/Search/View/Update/Delete categories
  • Create/Search/View/Update/Delete products
  • Create/Search/View/Update/Delete customers
  • Create/Search/View/Update/Delete orders
  • Dashboard to view stats like sales report, stock reports, recentorders, best selling products, most viewed products, top customers and many more
  • Reports like sales report
  • Unlimited Content Pages (Example: About Us, Terms & Conditions)
  • easy-to-use webpage editor tool
  • Multiple administrator logins
  • Manage access permissions based on defined groups
  • Per product inventory level control
  • Per product option inventory level control
  • Low stock reminder indicators on backend admin dashboard
  • Low stock email notification sent to administrator
  • Automatic thumbnail image creation
  • Set low stock level warning for each product
  • Configure out of stock message
  • SEO friendly product, category, page links
  • Google Analytics Integration to allow better understanding of your visitors and trend.
  • Google Webmaster Integration
  • Image Slider or Slideshow Installation
  • Currency and Language Configuration
  • Promotion Banner Ads Management
  • Print Invoices
  • Print Packing Slips
  • Go Live Support
  • Site maintenance training
  • Backup configuration
  • Basic onsite search engine optimization and submission to Google

E-Commerce Labs

ECommerce Labs

ECommerce Labs

ECommerce Labs

We invest heavily into our own in-house research to keep up to date with latest ECommerce technologies and advance our ECommerce Web design and Development know-how so we are ahead of everyone else. This allows us to offer you the most suitable solutions whether they are well-established best-practices or new bleeding edge ECommerce tools and add-ons.

We explore all ECommerce platforms ranging from Shopify, WooCommerce, Magento, SpreeCommerce and each of their addons.

We are proud to let you know that in our ECommerce Labs, we conduct research and development in exciting areas of ECommerce including:

  • Offline to Online AdTech for ECommerce
  • Digital watermark technology
  • Gamifications to incentivize loyalty points
  • Recommendation engines
  • Custom addons for ECommerce frameworks eg Spree Commerce
  • And many others

E-Commerce Technologies

Singapore Government Grants for E-commerce Development

PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit)

PIC is offered by the Singapore government for qualified activities from the Years of Assessment (YAs) 2013 to 2018. You can get either a 400% tax deduction/allowance or 60% cash payment.

From YAs 2013 to 2015, businesses can enjoy a PIC Bonus.  This is a dollar-for-dollar matching cash bonus capped at $15,000, given on top of the existing tax deduction/allowance and/or cash payout.  As announced in Budget 2015, PIC Bonus will expire in YA 2015.

As IRAS suggest, you should be mindful of the qualifying conditions, what is considered non-abuse of the PIC scheme, typical mistakes to avoid when claiming PIC and how to engage PIC consultants to file claims.

The FAQ list on the website is comprehensive, so if you are new to PIC grants, do check it out. Claim forms and information can be found at IRAS PIC Credit Website

For more information on PIC, you can contact IRAS at:

For Companies 1800-356 8622
For Self-employed/Partnership (+65) 6351 3534

Email to picredit@iras.gov.sg

CDG (Capability Development Grant)

CDG is a programme to help SMEs build capabilities across multiple development areas including raising service standards, overseas expansion, training and technology adoption. It covers initiatives for growing businesses both locally and globally.

CDG covers up to 70% of qualifying project costs such as certification, consultancy, training and equipment costs. The covered areas are quite broad and include areas like Technology Innovation, Brand & Marketing Strategy Development, Business Excellence, Business Strategy Innovation, Enhancing Quality and Standards, Financial Management, Human Capital Development, Intellectual Property & Franchising, Productivity Improvements, Service Excellence.

SPRING will review and approve the request based on the SME’s needs, scope of the project and competency of the service provider in improving your business capabilities.

To encourage more SMEs to build business capabilities, the process for obtaining grant support of $30,000 or less has been made simpler. Further info available at Spring’s CDG website.


iSprint stands for “Increase SME Productivity with Infocomm Adoption & Transformation”. It is a scheme to encourage SMEs to adopt infocomm technologies. It makes it more convenient for 1st time adopters to get financial assistance.

iSprint grants have been around since 2010 to boost SME’s productivity and growth through the support of technology adoption.

iSprint grants for SMEs will be considered based on numerous factors including size of SME, average cost for similar software, whether SME has existing systems that are similar to what the SME is planning to procure. Any approved packaged solutions would face a simpler process and it is not necessary to submit business proposals and forms for these.

More info available at IDA’s iSprint website.

ICV(Innovation and Capability Voucher)

ICV is a SGD5000 voucher that is relatively simple to apply and use. SMEs can use these funds to improve their business through consultancy in human resources, productivity, innovation etc.

ICV supports SMEs in the adoption of solutions for improving business efficiency and productivity under the relevant categories of design and technical solutions.

Please note the list of supported solutions under ICV has been refined over the years. So please check out their latest list to find out details on which are eligible.

SMEs registered in Singapore with a minimum of 30% local sharing and revenue and headcount less than certain thresholds are entitled to a maximum of 8 vouchers.

Each ICV project should be less than 6 months in length and you need to complete one ICV project before you apply for the next one.

To find out more info, you can visit Spring’s ICV website.

E-commerce Payment Solutions

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