Effective Pre-Launch Smartphone Software Marketing

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Building smartphone software is one step to success. Marketing it is another step, and a very important one at that. Not all marketing strategies end up being successful, hence the need to study the best ways of marketing a particular product.

Start your Marketing Campaign long before your Software is launched

The moment you conceive in your mind that you want to build a smartphone software, you should also start planning for an effective marketing strategy. A very good plan could serve as a solid foundation for your software marketing campaign. Building a smartphone software from scratch until when it’s launched, and even after launching incurs a significant amount of expenses which you should already have planned for and be able to shoulder.

Inform Users, Potential Customers, Prominent personalities, and Others Early

By informing your potential customers about the impending release of your smartphone software, you are already creating awareness even before it hits the market. This would increase the curiosity of your target audience especially if the news spread far and wide.

Twitter and Facebook are wonderful tools you can use to make prior contact to as many persons as possible. Other free tools you can use to identify your target audience include Social Crawlytics, Topsy, and BuzzSumo.

By informing prominent personalities about the impending release of your smartphone software, you’ll not only be pointing their attention towards your software, but they’ll in most cases be obliged to offer a helping hand probably in terms of funds or anything else.

Maximize Email Marketing

Effective Pre-Launch Smartphone Software Marketing

A few years back, email marketing was the most recognized means of reaching one’s target audience easily and effectively. With Social Media here, you still mustn’t overlook it. By capturing potential customer emails through landing pages, Twitter, and the rest of social media, you can grow your email marketing list effectively.

Blogging Goes a Long Way

Effective Pre-Launch Smartphone Software Marketing

There are so many blogs online today and this is because a lot of people found the secret of blogging. Why hesitate when you can build a large fan base with a single blog broadcasting the progress of your programming and the various features users would enjoy once it is launched.

Apart from creating initial awareness for your software, blogging can also become the means by which you communicate with your customers after the software has been launched and is fully functional. You can even use the blog to generate extra funds by integrating Google Adwords and other forms of advertisements on it.

Use Sneak Peeks to Your Advantage

Humans are usually thrilled by a feel of what they are about to get involved with and that’s why you see demos for most windows and smartphones software. Even though your software is not yet functional, rather than keeping your customers in suspense about what to expect, you can quickly drop a few sneak peeks such as screen shots of your software, or video promo to get them salivating. Sneak peeks can cause several potential customers to sign up to your newsletter thereby providing you with an email list.

Make your software more Marketable with Beta Testers

Call for beta testers to test you software and it could end up being your best move in terms of marketing. These testers can easily draw more attention from your customers by testing your software and confirming that it lives up to expectation.

Get Everything set and Launch your Smartphone software

Shortly before submitting your software for review, prepare your launch contents which should include press releases, fully functional site, software store screenshot, promo video, and other related contents.

Software launch days are usually big days so ensure you maximize it by reaching out to well-established bloggers and other prominent persons in the tech world for recognition. They could possibly help out in reviewing and marketing your software too. Don’t forget to acknowledge the presence of your fans and customers as they remain your best option to achieving success in the future.

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