What can we expect from Chatbots in the near future?


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The concepts of Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning and Internet of Things hold a lot of potential for our world. There are a lot of possibilities that can be achieved from the adoption, and further development of this technology. If we think about a world where every device is interconnected and AI enabled, we are opening ourselves up to one where virtually anything is possible. For instance, if you are in your favourite restaurant and you want to order a meal, all you will need to do is send them a text, and your order will be processed. You will have your delicious tasting meal sitting on your table in a matter of minutes without having to even speak to a single waiter. Or perhaps your dry cleaner would be alerted on when there are dirty clothes to be picked up without you even having to make a single phone call. The technology can be so advanced to the point where, if you are running low on groceries, it will be possible for the refrigerator to order more items to keep. All of this is possible in the near future, and this can be further advanced with the use of chatbots. This technology will thrive in a world that is fully integrated and communicating. All of that being said, let’s take a look at what the future holds for chatbots. We will not be over analysing and going into possibilities that are only achievable centuries from now, but we will be taking a look at the near future and the benefits this technology can bring for us.


What can we expect from Chatbots in the near future-what are chatbots

What are Chatbots?

A Chatbot is a technological innovation that is designed to enable machines have conversations with human beings. This conversation is often simulated, but with the use of technology, it will have so many real life characteristics, and perhaps in the future – emotion. Chatbots operate predominantly over the internet, and they can be used to elicit feedback and responses where they are needed. With this technology in place, there are a lot of day to day tasks that can be simplified.

If you think about the Ironman movie, and how Tony Stark walks around his home with his ipad in his palm, instructing every single device on actions it should take, you will realise that this world is possible. The tech giants like Google, Amazon and even recently, Facebook have become more interested in this technology. There will then be possibilities for chatbots also. Imagine walking around your home and texting your sprinkler system to come on, and the machine intuitively responds, telling you that you are running low on water. With this technology, we are opening up our world to a host of possibilities.

We may even see all the queues and lines in the coffee shop eradicated. Before you even reach the coffee shop in the morning, you can have placed your order via a chatbot. This platform then communicates the information with the workers at the coffee shop, and so they begin processing your order. By the time you get there, all you have to do is pick up your cup of coffee. The reason why this technology would thrive in the first place is because all the actions, instructions and feedback will occur in real time.


What can we expect from Chatbots in the near future-what are chatbots-popular

Why so much popularity?

This year alone, the development and adoption of chatbot technology has been immense. A lot of companies are now making use of virtual assistants, and even some Ecommerce websites are beginning to integrate chatbots into the system because it helps shoppers get the job done faster. The big question therefore lies in “Why is chatbot technology just gaining popularity now”. The answer to this, development in other forms of technology. Since there advancements in fields of machine learning and artificial intelligence, it makes the world a more interactive place for machines. Also, the widespread access to internet across the world makes it a very interesting prospect.

There are a lot of bot developers that are creating machines that can perform optimally and do even more tasks. They are becoming applicable in a large number of fields including finance, cyber security, healthcare and lots more. Virtual assistants are gradually moving to the age of the Chatbot, and with innovative research, we will see a vast number of applications for this technology. Since the Internet is now accessible to everyone, users have gotten used to the ability to query a machine and get a response in real time. This is why there is a large demand for chatbots.


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