Business and other applications of Indoor Navigation Technology


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Indoor Navigation Technology has become more and more relevant in different fields of business today. This is because, unlike most GPS systems, Indoor navigation tech will work where a GPS system will not work. This system can help to pinpoint the position of a smartphone even when it is indoors. There are a lot of applications of this technology, but first, it is important to see its advantages. Shedding light on its advantages will help to provide a greater understanding of how it can help businesses thrive. If you are a constant reader of theses posts, by now you must be used to seeing me write that the businesses that succeed in the world today are those that have been able to embrace technology and use it to its advantage. Technology not only makes it easier to do business, in the long run, technological solutions also imply cheaper solutions. While indoor navigation technology is still very much under research, its advantages are available to be seen by everybody. Lets take a look at some of the advantages of Indoor navigation technology.

Advantages of Indoor navigation technology

  • Accuracy: Indoor Navigation technology provides a certain accuracy that GPS systems just cant provide. This is because GPS systems tend to provide vague results when utilized indoors. Unlike your regular GPS navigation systems, indoor nav technology combines the best in multisensoral technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet in order to provide amazing levels of accuracy.
  • Versatility: Indoor navigation technology also has a certain versatility that regular navigation systems just don’t have. If the device that is emitting a signal is turned off or stops working, the navigation system can simply adapt to the new condition and will work as if it was not taking instructions from an emitting system.
  • It doesn’t require any additional hardware: This is another advantage of indoor navigation technology. It does not require any form of additional hardware. In most cases it works based on Wi-Fi technology and Bluetooth Low Energy technology (BLE). In some cases, it even makes use of both of them at the same time.
  • Indoor navigation systems recognize multiple systems: An indoor navigation system is perfectly capable of identifying the fact that there are multiple levels of the building that it is in. This makes it very effective for businesses that have multi-level buildings

Business and Other applications of Indoor Navigation Technology

Since indoor navigation technology has a lot of advantages, it makes it a very attractive solution to a lot of businesses today. Its applications include:

Indoor navigation factory

  • Factories and other industries where products and workers need to be tracked. This gives the business the most effective form of monitoring possible. This eliminates the need for managers or supervisors to walk around just to monitor the factory processes. Indoor Navigation Technology makes it very easy for businesses to thrive bases on these conditions.

indoor navigation security

  • Indoor navigation technology also improves security in businesses. For a lot of multimillion dollar companies that restrict access to most people, visitors can be tracked with this system. Its multi level functionality makes it a very attractive option for security outfits.

indoor navigation shopping malls

  • Indoor navigation systems are also very applicable in shopping center navigation. For people looking to navigate through large malls, this system can be largely beneficial. All indoor navigation solutions are distinguished by the fact that they use existing standards to determine the position of a mobile device. Thanks to the unique combination of Wi-Fi signals with the integrated sensor system, accuracy to within a few meters is made possible without expensive hardware. For positioning and indoor navigation inside enclosed buildings, another dimension – the various floors – must be taken in account in the interactive building maps. This not only shows the user where to change direction but also at which point to change floor, such as at stairs. Thanks to the unique indoor navigation and positioning system, indoor navigation technology is able to create a completely new augmented reality experience in enclosed buildings. Positioning other users or objects inside buildings can also be realized with indoor navigation solutions.

Indoor navigation technology is very useful, and will prove to be very reliable in the near future. Its numerous advantages make it the very applicable for business, security, shopping and other industries. While indoor navigation technology is still very much under research, its advantages are available to be seen by everybody. There is still a lot of research to be done, as a lot of potential in application is still hidden, but the potential is there nonetheless.

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