Leading Snowflakes Book Notes

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You might find the Leading Snowflakes Book to be really interesting if you manage Maker staff whether they are writers, developers, designers, researchers, analysts etc.

Manager and Maker Modes

The chapter on Manager and Maker struck a very strong chord with me.

Makers could be writers, developers, designers, researchers, analysts etc – anyone that needs uninterrupted time to work.

Their efficiency, quality or accuracy of their work hinges on how much time they can be left undisturbed. They work best when they have achieved “flow state” and work in a state of zen when all they have in their minds are their work. In this state of mind, time and rest of the world moves on without them knowing and they may not care either.

As a Manager, to increase efficiency of your Maker staff, you need to minimize the time you are disturbing them. They may not be able to respond to you immediately but you need to trust them to check their messages every few hours and come back to you.

Using Inbound Recruiting To Attract Better Talent

This is a particularly compelling chapter on recruiting. Blogs with useful content, public challenges, meet-up sessions are all interesting ideas for making your company or group known to potential talent that you are trying to attract. Also, as the book suggests, recruitment isn’t just the responsibility of the team manager and HR, it is part of the team’s responsibility to attract talent so if you are growing your team, allocate a bit of time for everyone to contribute towards the hiring and recruitment branding process.



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