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We have been advocates of working remotely, employing a number of remote working tools to help us. At this point, all of us – project managers, developers etc alike – frequently work from home and only meet up occasionally when we need to.

SOPs (standard operating procedures) for a remote working company is very different from a regular brick-and-mortar face-to-face company. To get our work done, we rely heavily on remote working tools that come in handy.

They include:

  • Slack for communication. Occasionally Telegram if we want to get attention for urgent matters.
  • Dropbox for sharing files
  • Trello for managing tasks
  • Skype for calls and screen sharing if we need to with clients and contractors
  • WikiSpaces for intranet and wiki

Other tools we might look at using include:

  • Teamweek or TeamUp for team calendar

A great resource is Subscribe to the weekly newsletter and you will receive a lot of useful suggestions on managing a remote team and good remote working tools.

By Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson (founders of 37Signals) is the wonderful book called “Remote – Office Not Required”.

Other useful links include:


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