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What differentiates RobustTechHouse?

Mobile app development is a journey, best undertaken with a reliable partner. RobustTechHouse would like to be that partner for enterprises and serious startups. To do this, we are always learning and improving. We differentiate ourselves from other mobile app development companies by taking a “solutions” approach, focusing on innovation and emphasizing transparency (and therefore accountability) to our clients.

We don’t claim to be the best mobile app development company around, but we strive to be your best technology partner to join you in the mobile app development journey.

  • Solutions

    At RobustTechHouse, we try to understand the underlying problem you are trying to solve and propose solutions. We bring to the table our technical knowledge and mobile app development experience. Together with your functional expertise, we believe we can build something awesome!

  • Innovation

    We love experimenting and trying out new technologies. Challenge us and we will research to find appropriate SDKs and APIs that may solve the problem. Check out our blog to find out the recent technologies that we have been investigating

  • Transparency

    We believe transparency is the best policy to develop trust. We have no hidden costs. All third party costs (e.g. hosting costs) are transferred directly to the client (no markups!). We have a 24-response policy and communicate constantly with clients through our slack channel. Check out our mobile app buyers' guide where we share what you should know as a mobile app buyer.

  • Agile

    The agile development methodology allows us to keep our clients engaged in the development process. We typically share our first build within 2 weeks of development commencement. We are happy for clients to have full access to the code base at all points in the development process.

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App Technologies We Are Familiar With

We have developed numerous mobile apps with many different features and functionalities. While developing these apps, we have learnt about many frameworks, APIs and are now confident to build these features into your apps. The following are just some of the app technologies we are familiar with. The complete list is just too long to include. If what you have in mind is not listed below, please check with us. Even if we haven’t had experience with the feature you need, we are always keen to research and learn new technologies. After all, learning, experimenting and catching up with the latest technologies is what drives us.

Social Media Logins (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+)

Offer your users the convenience of logging in using their social media accounts, and at the same time get permission to use some of the features available through these social networks. Whether you want to allow Facebook, Linked In, Twitter or Google+ log-in (or others, please let us know), we can integrate that into your mobile app. Of course, plain vanilla email + password login is always an option too !

Push Notifications

Utilising push notifications is a great way to catch the attention of your app user and engage them in novel and surprising ways. Trigger your push notifications automatically at a set frequency or based on an event occurrence, or allow the system administrator to send manual push notifications from the backend — we can help build this functionality into your app. Use this feature with caution though — inundating your users with push notifications may result in app deletion.

Social Sharing

Made a great mobile app ? Now you would want to let the world know ! One of the best ways to allow you mobile app to go viral is to make it easy for your users to share what they love about your mobile app on their social networks. We often include social sharing functionality within our apps. We have therefore become familiar with the APIs of the various social networks including facebook, twitter, linkedin, pinterest, instagram and google plus.

Document, Audio and Video Storage and Display

Mobile apps can be used as a great learning and information dissemination platform. The system administration can upload documents (PDFs), audio files and video files, which can be accessed on the go by users, wherever they are. Ensure users access only the latest documents, and track their usage patterns using a mobile app.

Geolocation and Mapping

Does your mobile app idea require geolocation? Well, we have significant experience in using Google Maps API. You might want to identify locations of interest on a map for your users, or conversely, you might want to know the locations of your users. You may want events to occur based on relative locations of your user and a certain lattitude / longitude. We have implemented all these functionality within mobile apps.

Chat Integration

Integrated chat functionality makes sense in many apps. Whether it is a social app which allows friends to group chat with one another, or a mobile commerce app which allows customers to chat to customer service officers, we are seeing more requests to incorporate chat functionality. Our favourite chat API is QuickBlox, which is a fully feature chat platform already powering over 25,000 mobile apps.

Mobile App Marketplaces

Mobile technology has enabled the disintermediation of many businesses. Whether it is transport (Uber, Grab), accommodation (Airbnb) and product and services purchases (Amazon, Carousel, Lazada), mobile app marketplaces have emerged as powerful alternatives to traditional intermediaries. We have been privileged to have worked on a number of mobile app marketplaces. Do you have a mobile app marketplace idea, let us help !

Mobile Payment Gateway Integration

Need to accept credit card payments through your mobile app? No issue. This is one of our specialities. We have tested many payment gateways in Singapore and we have integrated payment gateways into the mobile commerce apps that we have built. Check out our blog article on payment gateways in Singapore.

Barcode and QR Code Scanning

Barcodes and QR codes allows efficient offline to online communication, and mobile apps which incorporate barcode and QR code scanning are becoming more commonplace. We will be glad to incorporate this feature in your mobile app if you need, and will also give some tips on how best to incorporate a barcode / QR code scanner in your app (e.g. may be good to incorporate an in-app flashlight toggle).

Data Analytics and Display

The ability of the mobile app to capture and integrate many data streams has opened up new realms of data analytics. For example, in mobile commerce, it is important to know your customer and his purchasing patterns and trends. Developing a good analytics dashboard can allow enterprises to glean better customer insights and take timely and effective actions. We are keen to engage you to consider how best you want to aggregate and display the data that your mobile app has collected.

Deep Linking

Increase conversions of your mobile app by linking directly into a specific page in your mobile app from email or social media. Deep-linking has been shown to increase mobile traffic, conversions and retention. We’ve implemented deep-linking for both iOS and Android, and will be happy to include this feature into your mobile app.


Since the iBeacon protocol was introduced by Apple at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference in 2013, there has been a lot of discussion about how best to deploy such Beacons. Safe to say that iBeacons have not taken off as quickly as some envisioned at that time. iBeacons have not (yet?) achieved its potential as a key enabler for next generation mobile commerce, particularly in Singapore. Maybe it lacks a killer app, maybe bluetooth usage is an issue. In any case, at RobustTechHouse, we still believe in its potential, and have been experimenting with several use cases. Maybe your app will be the one to make the breakthrough in Singapore (?)

IOT Mobile App Integration

Connected devices open a whole realm of potential for disruption. Often these connected devices need to paired with a mobile application for configuration, control and display. We are successfully completed a number of projects involving the connecting of mobile applications with hardware devices through bluetooth technology.

Indoor Positioning / Indoor Navigation Systems

Indoor Positioning is less commonly seen in mobile apps in Singapore. But we see great potential in this technology in particular to power new retail experiences. The indoor position of the user can be determined using beacons, WIFI or the magnetic signature of buildings. We have been experimenting with APIs provided by Indoor Atlas to deploy indoor positioning in Singapore

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