JML Singapore and JML Malaysia Launch

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We launched the Singapore and Malaysia web platforms for JML Singapore and JML Malaysia team recently and got a positive testimonial from them. The Singapore site was a revamp from their old PHP Magento platform while the Malaysia site was a new build altogether. We compiled our experience working closely with JML as a business and technical case study. Please check it out.

Overall, I must say, after evaluating the different options for them, we feel quite strongly that a customized Spree Commerce framework running on Heroku would be most appropriate for their eCommerce requirements, near-term plans for expansion and long term plans for growth. It also gels well with their growth into the mobile-commerce space. With Heroku and HireFire functionality, we can easily automatically scale server resources up and down depending on system needs and our client will be able to elegantly handle their very much welcomed traffic surge during promotions and flash sales.

On the business side, we particularly like the effort JML puts into their product videos that you can see on their Youtube channel. You will find many of the merchandise very familiar because you might have heard JML’s audio jingle on TV advertisements before or seen their products sold at Esso stations, 7-Eleven and other retail shops before.

JML Facebook - JML Singapore and JML Malaysia Launch

Please support JML for the new JML Singapore and JML Malaysia site launches. We love their products, which are truly value-for-money, and hope you like them too. Their staff and management are super friendly. Have a look at their JML Facebook page and keep a lookout for discount codes!

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