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If you want your mobile app to be successful in the highly competitive smartphone industry, then you should focus on user engagement. Even if you develop an incredible mobile app, your users will lose interest unless it keeps them engaged on a daily basis. As a result of this, focusing on user engagement is of utmost importance in this industry. Here are some tips that will help you increase engagement with your mobile app:

Allow users to try before logging in

When users install your mobile app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, they would like to take a look around before filling in their details. There are certain apps in the market which prevent users from doing so until they provide their details. In such cases, it dissuades the users from using the mobile app.

If you want to increase engagement rate, then you should allow users to try your app before they have to log in. By following this technique, you are showing your users the true value of your mobile app. You can also lock out certain features in your app that becomes available only after the users enter their login information.

Implement WebView

In most of the mobile apps available in the market, there will be certain elements that have links in them. When you click on these links, the apps will open the link in the default browser on the smartphone. The problem with this type of functioning is that it interrupts the flow. However, you can overcome this problem by implementing WebView. When you use WebView, your mobile app will open the link within itself rather than redirect users to their default browser. For example, take a look at Facebook, one of the most popular apps in the world. Every time you open a link on Facebook, the app uses WebView to display the page within itself.

Make onboarding straightforward

If you want to decrease abandonment rates and increase engagement, then you should make the onboarding process straightforward. If there are too many steps or procedures to log in to your mobile app, then you run the risk of losing out on a large number of users. As first impressions is extremely important, you should be focusing on this element. How do you make the onboarding process straightforward?

For starters, allow users to use their social media accounts to create and log in to your mobile app. Even if users have the option of creating an account by manually entering the information, they will prefer to link their social media accounts. Rather than showing the users detailed information about the features in your mobile app, show a minimalistic version. If there are any gestures that users need to learn, show them how to use it while interacting with the elements of your mobile app.

Personalize content

To step up the rate of engagement, you should use personalized content in your mobile app. When you customize the experience for every single user, they will love using your mobile app. As a result of this, abandonment rates will decrease significantly. For example, imagine if you need to display a message about your products and services on your mobile app. In this scenario, if you use the name of the user at the start of the message, then your users will feel special and continue to use your app. Similarly, you can also personalize the push notifications so that it has a greater impact on the users.

Use incentives

A lot of mobile games use incentives to boost engagement rates and retain users for as long as possible. When incentives are available to your users, they encourage engagement. Let’s say your mobile app has in-game purchases. Rather than forcing users to spend their money on these features, you can use incentives to do the same. For example, assume your mobile app has in-game currency that users can use to unlock more features. If you ask users to share your stats on social media so that they can use certain features, it improves the engagement rate of your mobile app.

Utilize push notifications

Last but not the least, you should utilize push notifications if you want to increase engagement rates considerably. If users don’t use your app for some amount of time, they tend to forget that it even exists. As a result of this, your mobile app will remain unused for a long time. To avoid this problem, you can use push notifications. As push notifications are customizable, you can personalize them to improve engagement rates. According to this study by Localytics, the conversion rate is 54%, when you use customized push notifications.

Use these tips to improve engagement rates in your mobile app. If you want to design a mobile app with high engagement rate, why don’t you contact Robust Tech House? Our developers and designers will create apps that are engaging to your users!

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