How to Name Your Software


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Names are vital to everything and everyone because it helps in identification. After building a beautiful smartphone software, it makes sense to give it a beautiful name by which it’ll be identified and addressed. Here are some important tips that can help you assign a wonderful name to your creation.


First Impression Matters

The first thing every new user comes across is your software’s name, as well as the icon beside it. Remember the saying “first impression matters a lot”; these two properties are enough to either bolster your software’s chances of attracting new users, or making them look elsewhere for something similar. Before choosing an icon or name to use, you need to first of all identify the purpose of your software and its supposed effect on your target audience. For example, a social networking software should have a name and icon which has no resemblance with a finance or travel software.

Uniformity is something you must take into consideration right from the title, through the body of the software.  If at any point in time, you lose connection with the original aim and purpose of the software, there’s a possibility that your users will lose connection at that same point too. If your software for example is meant to portray a modern feeling, all of its pages are supposed to carry that feel too. The moment one page looks different from the other, uniformity is breached and your users would surely be wondering what actually happened.

Now that you have a goal and audience to thrill, you need to choose images and emotions that would look appealing enough to them. Come up with ideas that completely reflect creativity by researching descriptive imagery and words.

Don’t just use words because you want to use them. Make sure they are well researched words with specific meaning as words with more than one meaning could bring about confusion and misinterpretation. Words that evoke negative emotions should be avoided as much as possible too.


Increasing Your Popularity

After coming up with several names for your software based on the methods described in the previous subheading, it is time to think of ways by which your software’s name and icon can instantly provide users with an idea of what is contained in it. If the name isn’t good enough to provide users with this information, the icon should be able to do the job easily. For example, the name “Instagram” doesn’t really offer much of a clue on what the software does but the camera icon next to it instantly tells that the software deals with photographs.

If you already have an online store and you want a smartphone software for easy access to the store, you may simply choose to name the software after your already existing brand. This works best when you already have customers that patronize your services on daily basis as they already know what you deal in.


Learn from your Close Competitors

For those in a crowded niche, your best form of learning would be to checkout your close competitors to see how they run their smartphone software successfully. You may even replicate their success, but in ways that would not point directly to them.

How to Name Your Software



Improve your Software Ranking and Social Media Marketing

Although emotion, mimicking success, and recognition are the principal goals for naming your smartphone software, you still have to take into consideration your software store ranking potential. The major goal of your software is to reach as many customers as possible and this can only be possible through software ranking, and social media marketing.

In order to make your software available in online search results, you have to choose a set of highly searched keywords and use them in your title and description. Be mindful of the number of repetitions and pluralization as you might mess up the whole description.

Also ensure that your software’s name is available as a social media account and as a domain name too as you’ll need it to effectively market and draw users to your software.

How to Name Your Software




Just as earlier discussed, naming is a very important feature. It goes a long way in setting the right tone, clarifying the purpose, and making your software rank amongst the top. With the ideas discussed above, you can generate wonderful names and narrow them to a few as it’s better to have name selection headache than making a choice out of desperation.


 By the RobustTechHouse team.

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