BaconReader happens to be one of the many apps available on the app store solely built to surf Reddit, the front page of the Internet. It is intuitive, easy-to-use and it is one of the most downloaded apps for Reddit. Let’s take a look to see why BaconReader is popular among Reddit users.


The user interface of BaconReader is fairly simple and minimalistic. At the bottom of the screen, you have access to a set of icons such as create a new post, search, inbox, and view. The remaining settings are stored away in the side menu which can be accessed by swiping right, across the screen. On the side menu, you can see the account that you are using, front page, explore, bookmarks, and settings. In BaconReader, you can log into multiple Reddit accounts at the same time. To switch between accounts, you have to open the side menu and select the one you want to use.

Navigation through Reddit using BaconReader is straightforward. The developers added support for 3D touch in the Home Screen and Front Page thumbnails. If you are using BaconReader from an iPad, then you have access to a unique feature called Dual-Pane view. To make it easier to use on bigger screens, BaconReader splits the screen into two halves. The first part is for the subreddit you are going through at the moment. The second part is the thread you opened in the subreddit. For example, you can be going through the front page on the left side of the screen while looking at a post in r/all on the right side. BaconReader has its own image/gif viewer built into it so that you won’t have to leave the app every time you want to look at an image/gif. You can close the image/gif by swiping down.

If you are in the comment section of a post, you can access additional settings by swiping across the screen for a particular comment. You can upvote, downvote, bookmark, write a reply, copy, share, and give gold to the comment. You also have the ability to look at the profile of the user who wrote the comment. If necessary, you can report the comment to the moderators.

To move from one post to another in the same thread, you just have to swipe left or right. BaconReader has a powerful search button you can use to look for posts, subreddits, and users. BaconReader also supports filtering based on domain and keyword. If you don’t want to see a particular subreddit or r/all, you can exclude it from settings. If you are bored of going through the similar content every day, there is an explore option where you will find new and great content on a regular basis. By adding Redditors to your friend list,  you can follow various comments and posts made by them. If you are left-handed, BaconReader has an option where the thumbnails are switched from the right to the left to make it easy to use.

You also have the option of changing themes for BaconReader on iOS. If you are tired of using the same old white background, you can switch to one that is darker.


Overall, for a free app, BaconReader is excellent. You can change themes, you have access to the dual pane, you can change the layout of the app based on your preferences, and there are exclusive swipe gestures to switch between posts, images, and gifs. However, as the app is free, you will come across ads at the bottom of the screen and while you are scrolling through different posts. Do give BaconReader a try as it is one of the best apps available to surf Reddit.


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