It is the dream of every developer to have their mobile app featured in the App Store. After all, as there are millions of apps available in the app store, the best way to gain visibility is to be in the featured section of the App Store.


As Apple makes a large sum of money every year from mobile apps, they maintain a good relationship with the developers by featuring high-quality apps. If you take a look at the latest iOS update, you will notice that the App Store features a certain amount of apps every day.

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Also, Apple is going to stop supporting 32-bit apps, making it easier for newer versions to get featured. Here are six tips that you can follow, which will increase the chances of the Cupertino giants featuring your mobile app:


Ensure it is of high-quality


Even if it is obvious, the very first thing you need to do is to make sure that your mobile app is of the highest-quality. In other words, ensure that you follow all of Apple’s design guidelines for mobile apps. Most of the time, developers try to develop mobile apps as quickly as possible so that they can release it in the market. However, this can be problematic as they may miss out on specific errors and bugs. Even if it is taking a lot of time, put in the extra effort to build a high-quality mobile app.


Go native


While your mobile app may have higher reach when it is available on multiple platforms, it is always better to go native. As Apple wants its users to have the best possible experience, they prefer to feature apps that are built only for iOS devices. Apps that use only iOS platform provide an incredible user experience. Also, mobile apps are of higher quality because developers have to focus on a single platform. The problem with hybrid mobile apps is that they may have to make compromises to work on different platforms.


Market before releasing


If you want the Cupertino giants to know about your mobile app, you need to market it and create significant buzz before launching it into the market. For starters, you can create a website or blog which talks about the features of your mobile app. You can also ask your test users and your team to promote your mobile app on various social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.


If possible, try to get in touch with popular online tech publications and see if you can get them to review your mobile app. When more people are talking about your mobile app, there are higher chances that it will get featured in the App Store.


Opt for localization


Did you know that Apple has different app stores that cater to the needs and requirements of different markets? As 155 countries have App Stores, you have a lot to gain by localizing your mobile app. The app store team for each country will always be on the lookout for mobile apps that are useful in their region. In such cases, if your mobile app meets their requirements, it will get featured in the local App Store. By localizing your mobile app, you have a huge advantage over your competitors.


Send a convincing pitch


You can get your mobile app featured in the App Store by sending a convincing pitch to the Cupertino team. However, you should know that they receive thousands of mail every day from other developers, who hope to achieve the same thing. As they will be getting a large number of emails every day, you can make their job easier by keeping your pitch short and simple. You also need to highlight the features of your mobile app that makes it different and unique. You can insert a short video of your mobile app to showcase all its features. Also, ask for feedback so that you can improve your mobile app.


Utilize holiday and seasonal updates


Every year, there is a myriad of holidays and seasons all over the world. You can stay ahead of the competition by updating your mobile app for different festivals and seasons. Apple will also want to keep up with the trends by featuring mobile apps. If you take a look at the App Store during this time, you will notice that Apple features mobile apps that releases seasonal updates. You can increase the chances of your getting your mobile app featured by following these yearly trends. For example, popular mobile apps always release special updates for Halloween and Christmas.


Use these six tips so that you have a much better chance of getting your mobile app featured in the App Store. If you are finding it challenging to develop a mobile app, why don’t you contact Robust Tech House? Our expert developers will build a mobile app that matches your specifications and requirements!


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