Smartphones are amazing, as you can use them to complete numerous tasks, keep up-to-date with the news around the world, and follow influencers on various social media channels. Also, it keeps you entertained when you are using the metro or the public bus service to go to work or home. Regardless of the length of your journey, there are apps you can use to pass the time.

It is safe to say that you find it extremely hard to imagine life without your smartphone. Here is the review of the top 3 mobile apps in Singapore, in the entertainment category:


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Taking the first spot under the free section (although you need to pay to use its services) is Netflix. Since the beginning of Netflix’s streaming services, their app on the Google Play Store has been in the top spot for a long time.

The content available on Netflix is incredible, as you get access to a myriad of movies and TV shows from all over the world. At the same time, Netflix continues to update the content available on the app on a regular basis, like the weather predictions. One of the major advantages Netflix has over its competitors is the fact that you can access all the episodes in a particular season.

The mobile app on Google Play Store is great, thanks to its user-friendly interface. For instance, the app displays all the popular shows by genre in the main screen. Also, all the important options in the menu, such as “home,” “search,” “coming soon,” and “downloads” are at the bottom of the screen, making it easy to reach. Speaking of downloads, you can store your favorite movies and shows, allowing you to watch them offline; a great feature when you are on the go.

When you are watching a show or a movie, the video player is useful, as you go forward or rewind the time by ten seconds. You can also change the audio and subtitles to your preferred language (if supported). Even if you leave the show midway, the app will start showing the video where you left off.


Although Viu may not have diverse content as Netflix or other entertainment apps, it is unique in its offering. In the second spot comes Viu, an app which helps you follow the latest trends in Korean drama on your smartphone. In the homepage, you will see entertainment news, the latest episodes, and trailers of Korean dramas.

The categories in the app touch on a lot of different topics, allowing you to access trending content and the latest shows easily. The search function is also useful, as you can find the right shows without any problems. If you go to history, you can continue watching the shows from where you stopped viewing.

Thanks to its synchronization for multiple screens, the app will ensure that it keeps your progress up-to-date on a number of devices. You can adjust the quality of the video to ensure that you don’t face any buffering problems. It allows you to bookmark the shows to ensure you don’t forget about them in the future.

My Talking Pet

The number one app in the paid section of Entertainment category is My Talking Pet, an app suitable for people of all ages. When you look at the app in the Play Store, you wonder how something with a simple idea can succeed so well in the crowded market.

For instance, you need to upload the picture of a pet and record your voice or music. Even if you don’t have a picture of a pet, there are built-in faces which you can use. However, when you are taking the picture, you need to ensure that you line it up with the details of the app.

The app will combine the two by creating a video where it looks like the pet is speaking. You can also add overlays to the video, which makes it stand out. At the same time, it gives you the opportunity to change the pitch of the recording to make it sound hilarious. After using the app for a while, you begin to understand why it has such a good rating on the Google Play Store.

It allows you to share the videos on social media if you want your friends and family members to see it. It has a widget, where one of the built-in faces will read out your weather report and calendar every morning. Also, you can add text to these videos, to create memes, if you are interested.

These are the top three entertainment mobile apps in Singapore. Do you think there are other apps which should have made it to this list? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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