Are you planning on purchasing property in Singapore? Thanks to the government’s latest housing development policy and increase in the number of housing units, Singapore has become a hot real estate market. On top of that, first-time couples who are investing in resale flats will get subsidies.  It can be time-consuming and exhausting if you have to hunt for properties. Also, if you hire a real estate agent, then you will have to pay for his/her fees.

Luckily, you can avoid all the above problems with these five real estate apps.

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  1. EdgeProp

Look for over thousands of properties to buy or rent on EdgeProp. On this app, you can find a myriad of landed, condo, Housing and Development Board (HDB) properties. There is a search engine to help you find the property of your dreams. You can get research and property news about the real estate in Singapore. With the help of evaluators who have over 30 years of experience in this field, you can find the right price to rent and buy properties. You can take a look at the history such as rental and transaction data of any property in Singapore. You can look for properties that are near your location. If you have any problems with the app or its listings, you can always contact customer support on EdgeProp.

  1. iProperty

One of the most popular real estate apps in Asia iProperty can be used to look for properties in Singapore. Everything you see on the website will be available on the app. You can search for properties using filters such as keywords, bedrooms, budget, location, and property type. If you like any listing or property on the app, you can save it. The app makes it convenient to contact the developer or agent in charge as you can send an email or a message or call them. Based on your location, the app will show you properties that are nearby. The app has a mortgage calculator to make calculations easy.

  1. co

On, you can go through more than 120,000 listings to find properties that meet your requirements. Whether you are looking to rent or buy, the database of is quite comprehensive. Every listing on this app has additional details such as photos, amenities, and information about the neighbourhood to name a few. According to your location, you can filter out the search by schools, areas, and districts. You can also find out how long it will take to reach the nearest MRT station from any property. There are also details such as nearby supermarkets, bus stations and time to commute on this app.

  1. PropertyGuru

PropertyGuru has an extremely comprehensive list as there are over 210,000 properties. You can look for residential and private properties on this app. You can set the filter according to your requirements so that the app can show nearby listings on a map. You get all the necessary details such as agent information, neighbourhood data, photos, and more on PropertyGuru. You can also find out about the latest properties when they appear on the market.

  1. Ohmyhome

Last but not the least, you can also use Ohmyhome to find properties that match your needs. There are no duplicate listings on this app. Ohmyhome has an HDB calculator so that you can find out if a property will fit your budget. You can directly contact the landlords or owners to find out more about various properties.

Use these five real estate apps when you are looking for properties in Singapore!

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  • Very interesting article, it is important to keep up with the times.

  • Building Inspection

    Building Inspection is a mandatory procedure before buying any property. An intelligent inspector will help save thousands of dollars and a huge amount of time to correct the shortcomings that will definitely be revealed.

  • Building Inspection

    Building Inspection is a mandatory procedure before buying any property. An intelligent inspector will help save thousands of dollars and a huge amount of time to correct the shortcomings that will definitely be revealed.

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