As more and more people are using their mobile phones to take pictures, a large number of photo editing apps has been popping up on the app store. Created by Andor Communications Private Limited, Light X was launched to help IOS users edit their favorite photos. Does the app have what it takes to stand out from the rest of the photo editing apps? Let’s take a look.


A feature-rich app on the app store, LightX removes the need for you to have numerous photo editing apps to make their photos look good. The app comes with a comprehensive set of advanced tools, enabling you to add a professional touch to your photos. It comes with an easy and clean interface, making you feel at home when you use the app.

Light X allows you to edit the background of the photo. The lasso tool allows you to select similar regions and remove them in one shot. To remove only certain portions of the background, you can use the smart erase tool. It also has controls to fine tune your image, to get the perfect cutout. You have access to professional tools, where you can fine tune your image to your heart’s desire. The tone of your image can be adjusted in all possible color channels.You can modify the image histogram and color balance to get the effect you want on your pictures.

You also have the ability to enhance the photos you took on the phone. There are various adjustment tools provided by the app such as brightness, contrast, color, exposure, highlights, hue, intensity, mid tones, saturation, shadows, tint, and temperature. You can adjust the values of each by moving the slider either to the left or the right.

You can blend multiple photos together to create a unique photo. If you are not satisfied with the results, you can further enhance the photo by using blending effects such as double exposure, darken and multiple exposures to name a few.

If you happen to like taking selfies, LightX has tools to make you look good. You can remove marks and spots such as blemishes and pimples and you can whiten your teeth to enhance your photo. You can also have fun as you have the option of changing the color of your hair to different shades. One of the features that make the app stand out is shape manipulation. With it, you have the power to redefine the shape of the image using point and symmetric selection. By just pinching and touching the photo, you can reshape the photo. If you like, you can change the perspective of the photo by adjusting the angle at which the photo was taken.

There is a myriad of options when it comes to filters such as daily, drama, black&white, retro, paper, and vintage filters. You won’t run out of filters anytime soon as each type has a larger selection.

Effects such as lens blur, mask blur, tilt shift, oil paint and water paint to name a few can be added to the image. You can add texts to your images. You also have the power to blend your photo with predefined modern arts available on the app, adding an artistic touch to it.


Just like every other photo editing app, you have the option of adding global effects to your images. At the same time, you also have access to professional tools, where you can enhance your images even further. LightX makes photo editing a breeze as you can edit your images on the go. For $1.99, LightX is a steal.


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