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Heroku is a wonderful DevOps PaaS platform and their philosophy is always in improving programmer productivity. It helps our programmers save plenty of time and enhances the flexibility, scalability, supportability and performance of our platforms.  We now have numerous platforms, both clients and our own, mostly RubyOnRails sites running smoothly on Heroku.

We love the ability to add / remove dynos to scale for higher performance needs and save costs when loads are low. This is particularly important for sites running sales promotions and lumpy server load distribution, so we need to scale according to needs. External services eg HireFire helps us auto-scale Heroku dynos to let us elegantly handle surges in traffic eg during high load periods. This reduces customer complaints and helps sales conversion.


To business owners and product leads, running platforms on Heroku means programmers need to spend less time dealing with DevOps tasks like deployment and infrastructure and focus on rolling out high quality functionality more quickly.

Other than scalability, Heroku’s suite of add-ons are also wonderful. For example, SSL and Expedited SSL helps us in securing the sites and Scheduler helps us with our scheduled batch jobs. Pricing scales attractively well with load and needs as well, so we can also start with a cheaper package for low load environments.

Heroku Partners RobustTechHouse

We have been proud partners of Heroku and you can see our profile at https://partners.heroku.com/robusttechhouse

JML’s Heroku customer story can seen here too.

Check out the page. It also shows the list of highlighted solutions we have running on Heroku.


Heroku Partners RobustTechHouse


Written by RobustTechHouse team. We provide web development, web design and ECommerce services.

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