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The latest trend among people right now is to maintain a healthy lifestyle as fitness has become a top priority. Wherever you go, you are bound to find gyms filled with large amounts of people, sweating it out to keep themselves healthy. In 2014, the fitness industry saw significant growth, due to the introduction of wearables.


According to Statista, revenue from the wearables industry will reach $9.7 billion by 2019. Another report by Statista shows that revenue from the fitness industry is expected to grow by 6.6% every year till 2022. By that time, the market value of the fitness industry is going to be $11,971 million.


The fitness industry is booming, making it the perfect time for any business to build an app so that they can make the most of the current trend. To help you develop a great health and fitness app, we have made a list of tips:


Types of health and fitness apps


There are three types of health and fitness apps available in the market at the moment:


  • Activity tracker
  • Exercise/ workout
  • Nutrition and diet


Activity tracker


As the name suggests, it is a type of app that records the physical activity of its users throughout the day. It gives information such as calories burned, distance covered, hours slept, and the number of steps to name a few. It will display all the information on the app screen. At the same time, it will also compile charts, to show the progress of the user on a regular basis (day, week, month, and year).


Tips for developing activity tracker


Activity tracker

The most important feature of your health and fitness app is its ability to track the activities of your users. To do so, you must allow your app to connect with a variety of wearables. Also, a large number of manufacturers have made their APIs and SDKs available so that developers can use them to create health and fitness apps. Some of the popular ones are Apple HealthKit, Google Fit, Garmin, Tomtom UP, and Withings.


Ability to create accounts

To ensure that your target audience continues to use your health and fitness app on a regular basis, it should allow them to create accounts. The advantage of having an account is that it helps in the storage of user data. It also allows users to keep track of their progress as they continue to lead a healthy lifestyle.


Sharing data on social media

People love to talk about their achievements, regardless of whether it is big or small. To ensure that your health and fitness app is a smash hit, you should make sure that your users can share their data on various social media platforms.


Utilize geolocation

As your health and fitness app will be keeping track of the activities of your users, you must make use of geolocation. You can show your users the distance they covered on a daily basis so that it motivates them to use your app. If possible, you can show the movement of any user on a map.


Exercise/workout apps

These are a type of health and fitness app that suggests exercises and workouts that users can follow on a regular basis. It contains detailed information on how to execute these exercises properly, to prevent injuries.


Tips for developing exercise/workout apps


Customizable exercises/workouts

Your users should have the liberty to customize the exercises and workouts in your health and fitness app to match their requirements. By doing this, it becomes more convenient for your users to use your mobile app.


Live streaming workout sessions

To keep your users engaged, you can make use of live stream. Professional trainers can live stream their workout sessions so that your users can follow them within the comfort of their homes. Also, allow your users to live stream their workout sessions so that the professional trainers can help them out, when necessary.


Nutrition and diet apps

These are a type of health and fitness app that keeps track of your users’ food habits, body weight, and calories to name a few. They have a variety of applications, which are extremely useful to your users.


Tips for developing nutrition and diet apps


Create shopping lists

Your users should be able to create a shopping list so that they can eat healthy every day. As the users continue to add items, you should create a database on them. Over time, it will become easier for your users to enter items into this list quickly.



To make it fun and simple for your users to lead a healthy lifestyle, gamification is a must. It gives your users rewards, every time they achieve their goals. Also, they can keep track of their progress through points, which will motivate them. On top of that, you can create a leaderboard, allowing them to compete with their friends.


Use these tips to develop great health and fitness apps!


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