Each year, small and medium-sized businesses spend a lot of money on marketing and advertising. Estimates show that nearly 72 percent of the money spent by these businesses goes to some type of mobile advertising. Most businesses understand the power of a great app and do all they can to build and deploy these types of programs in a hurry.

The last thing you want is for your developers to rush through this process due to the long-term negative consequences this can cause. You need to let your team know that you are more concerned with the quality of the app and not the time it takes to build it.

One of the worst problems you need to avoid when taking advantage of this type of marketing tool is slow load times. Many users will uninstall an app if it takes a long time to load. If you are faced with this problem, your main goal needs to be getting it fixed in a timely manner.

The following are just some of the things you need to do to make your app load faster and work better.


Regular App Updates are Crucial

Any developer worth their salt realizes just how important it is to regularly update their programs. Regardless of if your app is on Android or iOS, you need to make sure it is using the latest version of the operating system provided by these platforms. Some developers think they can use older frameworks to build their apps, but this usually leads to big problems.

Working with older frameworks will usually lead to the app running slowly. Also, these older frameworks either receive limited or no support from the platform, which can pose security threats for your app. The only way to avoid these problems is by building your app on the latest operating system and staying up to date on any changes that are made. Constantly updating your app may be time-consuming, but it is well worth the effort. By keeping your app up to date, you can rest assured it functions and loads properly.


Is Your App the Victim of Sluggish Server Speeds?

If you are having a problem with your app loading slowly, you need to check out the health of the server you are using to power this program. Constantly receiving messages that the server you are using is either down or not connected can get old after a while.

Usually, a server will go down due to the use of a multi-tiered infrastructure. During this period of downtime, you will be unable to access your application’s code or communicate with anyone via chat. This problem is usually caused by a server being overwhelmed or overworked. You may be able to take some of the strain off of the server by setting up a reverse proxy server. With this type of server, you can reap the benefits of things like compression, caching and SSL termination.

Make Sure Your Encrypted Connections are Optimized

App developers are familiar with just how crucial SSL and TLS connections are. These connections help to provide encryption for the data collected and transmitted on an app. While these connections are helpful, they can become problematic if they are not properly optimized.

Generally, encrypted connections that are not optimized will result in a number of error logs and a decrease in app performance. If you want to know more about how to use error logs to detect these types of issues, be sure to check here. The best way to optimize these encrypted connections is by using HTTP/2 or even SPDY. These tools allow you to reduce connection overhead, which will in turn speed up your app.

Problems With Faulty Software Development Kits

Most app developers are extremely particular when it comes to ensuring their programs have the best in class performance. However, some of the software development kits and libraries a vendor provides may have deep-rooted problems. Before using third-party libraries, you need to take a look at the code being used to ensure there are no errors or bugs in it.

Simply using these programs without checking the code being used can lead to big app loading issues in the future. The time and energy invested into reading large chunks of code will pay off when you are able to keep your app functional.


Your App May Load Slowly Due to Overcrowded Data

Over time, apps will collect a lot of data. While this data can be helpful, it can also overwhelm the app if it is not properly stored. If an app is overwhelmed with too much data, it will slow down and in some cases cease to work. Some developers think that in order to fix this issue, they have to stop collecting data within their program.

The best way to reduce this issue without curtailing data collection is by compressing the information your app receives. You can easily compress files that are related to the images, graphics and audio content on your app. By compressing this data, you can make your app run faster without affecting any of the program’s core functionality or features.

Without a bit of hard work, you will find it difficult to speed up your app’s load times. By closely monitoring your apps, you will be able to detect problems and fix them before they can cause any damage. Luckily, there are a number of tools that can help you keep your app in good shape.


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