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When the holiday season arrives, businesses from all over the world prepare for this festive period, as they see a significant boost in their sales. The holiday season is the time when people willing to spend money to buy products and services for their loved ones. As an app developer, it is important that you take advantage of this situation, to serve to the needs and requirements of your customers. During the holiday season, billions of dollars worth of sales take place. To make sure that you make the most of this period, here are tips to prepare your mobile app for the next holiday season:


Add holiday products and services


During the holiday season, people are in the mood for Christmas products and services. People purchase holiday decorations for their homes and eat Christmas cookies. To make sure that you walk away as a winner during this period, make sure that you include holiday products and services.


According to GrubHub, restaurants that have seasonal menus witness 26% increase in orders. Also, the ticket size increases by 23% when they have seasonal menus. If your mobile app is for a restaurant, make sure that you include holiday food items on your menu. You can add items such as champagne, apple cider with spices, turkey, peppermint, and pumpkin pie to name a few. If your mobile app is for a retail store, display clothes such as sweaters and shirts.


Hold a contest or a giveaway


To ensure that more people use your mobile app during the holiday season, you can hold a giveaway. Show your users what they stand to win if they register for your giveaway. You can even partner up with other brands so that you can giveaway their products. To make sure that everyone knows about the giveaway, advertise it on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


You can ask your users to perform simple tasks such as linking their social media accounts or email ids with your mobile app to register for the giveaway. You can also do the same thing by having a contest. You can ask users to post a picture or anything similar and pick the best of the lot. Ensure that the users have to do something which is related to the holiday season. However, you should avoid asking them to do multiple tasks.


Offer loyalty points, holiday discounts, and flash sales


As users are looking for great offers during the holiday season, you can make sure that they continue to use your mobile app by offering discounts. For example, you can give away certain products and services on your mobile app at half the price for a limited time. Similarly, you should reward your users for staying loyal to your mobile app. The best way to go about this is to offer them loyalty points. When users purchase products and services from your mobile app, you should reward them with loyalty points. The users can collect these loyalty points and then exchange them for discounts or holiday goodies.


Also, you can hold flash sales to generate traffic to your mobile app. Make sure that you market your flash sales before having one on your mobile app. At the same time, ensure that your mobile app can handle the extra load if you are going to hold a flash sale.


Give your mobile app a makeover


One of the best ways to prepare your mobile app for the next holiday season is to give your mobile app a makeover. Just think of your mobile app as a retail store and decorate it accordingly. For example, you can make the icons in your app resemble the holiday spirit, such as snowflakes, Christmas trees, and candy cane to name a few.


For the holiday season, you can change the color palette of your mobile app to match the hues of Christmas such as red, green, and white. You can even switch up the background of your mobile app with holiday pictures. For example, you can add a mistletoe or any other decorations to the background so that your mobile app looks like it is ready for the holiday season.


Utilize push notifications


As users will be busy during this time, you should utilize push notifications. For starters, when you are holding a giveaway, a contest, or a flash sale, you can notify all users through push notifications. Similarly, when certain products and services are on sale, push notifications are a great way to let your users know about them. Avoid overusing push notifications as your users will find it annoying and uninstall your app.


These are the five tips to prepare your mobile app for the next holiday season. If you are finding it challenging to redesign your mobile app, why don’t you contact Robust Tech House? Our designers and developers will ensure that your mobile app is ready for this year’s holiday season!


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