Since its official launch on October 7, 2008, by a Sweden-based startup Spotify SB, Spotify music has been taking the music community by storm. Spotify is perhaps the best music streaming service in the application market, featuring over 30 million songs and serving 50 million paying customers.

Over the years, the streaming application has enhanced its music platform and turned itself into a prominent music streaming service. Despite tough competition from Microsoft Groove and Pandora Internet Radio, Spotify continues to be the favorite of all music lovers using an iPhone.

How has Spotify changed?

With the recent updates, the music streaming application has amazing new features. Firstly, it has a new look which is consistent across all the versions of the app. The “You Music” section is like an exciting new storage for your playlists where you can always track the music you wish to have. So what’s the catch?

You can now create your own music library within the platform instead of having a confusing collection of playlists. This allows you to keep a permanent track of your favorite songs, albums, bands and singles.

There’s another amazing addition- Spotify Connect support. This new feature embraces the wireless music technology and allows you to play music from different sources around your house. You can even connect different speakers to it and play music from almost anywhere you want.

Spotify has also branched out into podcasts and videos and added a feature that plays music based on your running speed. It has a good community that shares innumerable playlists for everyone to stream. The social features allow you to synchronize your Facebook account to your app, follow friends and share playlists with them.

Spotify free vs premium

Spotify is available in two versions: free and premium. The free version does not involve any costs because this version relied on advertisements. However, the free version provides fewer features and restricts the music you want to play. This version allows you to mix up songs from a playlist, album or radio station using the music app. You don’t get the privilege to select songs and listen to them offline.

But the premium version costs $9.99 per month. Available in around sixty countries, Spotify’s premium version allows you to do enjoy music streaming like nothing else. You can play any song from any album of any band. You can create your own playlist and select songs you want to add to your library. Moreover, there won’t be advertisements ruining your experience. You can download music to your phone, tablet or computer and listen to them offline with an amazing audio quality.

Streaming power

When connected to a reliable internet connection, Spotify streams seamlessly and provides a great audio quality. A strong internet connection allows you to increase the download bit from normal (96 kbps) to high (160 kbps) to the extreme (320 kbps). You can also increase the application’s sound streaming. So you can be sure of getting a smooth streaming experience while listening to music.

Music search

Spotify’s  music collection can be accessed through different ways. Spotify’s mobile app version has a slide-out menu that appears when you swipe from left to right. The burger menu at the top left of the screen shows different sections of the application. The search bar at the top of the app allows you to search for any song or album. It’s the best way to search for a band and keyword-specific playlists. You can click on the following tabs:

  • Now page, a section showing suggested playlists.
  • Radio, which is found on the “Music” page of the app.
  • Your Library, the final tab which allows you to add music to your library.

With a massive music collection and amazing features, Spotify is certainly the best music streaming application you can have today. The app keeps getting better and better after each update, and we hope that it continues to excite the music fraternity the way it has always done.


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