Under the social category in Google Play Store, you can use these apps to connect with your friends and family members across the globe. Gone are the days when you had to sit by your phone to make long distance calls when the costs are low or have low-quality video chats.
With mobile app development making significant progress, everyone is only one touch of a button away. Even if your friend lives in a different continent, you can share images, videos, text, and check-in on them instantly. Here is the review of the top three social mobile apps in Singapore:
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QR Scanner: QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner

In the number one spot under this category, you will find QR Scanner: QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner by Fan Tech. At present, the app has over 1 million installs and more than 23 thousand reviews in the Play Store.

In the main screen, you can scan QR and bar codes through your smartphone. Thanks to mobile app development, you have the option of zooming in to take a closer look at the image. At the same time, the application allows you to switch on the flashlight, a useful feature in dark environments.

Every time you scan a QR or bar code, mobile app development allows it to store the information in a separate screen. You can always visit this part of the application if you want to recall specific data. Also, you can use this mobile app to generate QR codes, which your friends can scan. There is plenty of customization in this feature, due to which you can share information instantly.

For example, your friends can get the Wi-Fi password by scanning the QR code. Similarly, you can share your Facebook ID, Spotify songs, emails, texts, contacts, telephone numbers, and more. Also, you can change the way the QR codes look if you are into this type of customization. However, you will need to complete specific tasks to unlock some of the unique QR codes. While most of the app is free, you need to have a premium account to use particular features.

QR Scanner: QR Code Reader & Barcode Scanner appeared on RobustTechHouse’s review of the top three social, mobile apps in Singapore. Excellent work!



One of the most popular social networking platforms at the moment, Instagram has over 1 billion installs and more than 77 million ratings on the Google Play Store. When it comes to ease of use, Instagram takes the cake, as it will only make a couple of minutes to discover all the features.

Even though it is resource-intensive, mobile app development allows users to have a smooth experience. Scrolling through the content is a breeze, even if your smartphone doesn’t have flagship specifications. You can use simple gestures to navigate and interact with the material. For example, a swipe to the left will take you to the direct messages, where you can communicate with users.

Similarly, a simple tap will mute/unmute the video, while you can pinch to zoom on the content. When you choose to post pictures through this app, you get access to a myriad of customization features. You can add filters, select multiple images, crop it, and even do small amounts of basic editing, due to mobile app development.

When you are tagging users, the app will try its best to suggest according to the letters you enter. The same principle works when you want to use hashtags for your content. Even if you don’t want to upload pictures/videos at the moment, the app will always ask you whether it should save your work or discard it.

Instagram appeared on RobustTechHouse’s review of the top three social, mobile apps in Singapore. Excellent work!



It isn’t much of a surprise that Facebook is on this list, due to its immense popularity among users. Looking at the statistics of this social media app on Google Play Store, it has over 1 billion installs and more than 84 million ratings. Since the launch of the app several years ago, the developers introduced several changes.

By improving the user interface, experience, and performance with every update, it is understandable why you will find this app in most smartphones. Navigating through the application is straightforward, as you can use swipe to the other screens.

When you are watching videos, you can scroll down to take a look at other content available on the app. At the same time, it also has a separate tab for viral videos, if you want to take a look at what is trending at the moment. If you’re going to chat with other users, you need to have Facebook Messenger.

Again, Facebook is quite intensive, as it consumes tremendous amounts of resources to run on your smartphone. However, due to incredible mobile app development, it is quite smooth and responsive, most of the time.

Facebook appeared on RobustTechHouse’s review of the top three social, mobile apps in Singapore. Excellent work!


These are the top three social, mobile apps in Singapore. Do you think there are other applications which should appear on this list? Leave a comment below!



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