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When you are going to work, returning home, or meeting your friends, music plays an important role. It not only keeps you entertained but also allows you to kill time until you reach your destination. Music comes with a lot of advantages – it can help you remain calm and composed, you can focus on the task at hand, and elevates your mood.


Thanks to technology, you can carry all the music in the world on your smartphone. Today, let’s review the top three music and audio mobile apps in Singapore.


Spotify Music

In the first spot under the free category, is none other than Spotify Music, one of the best apps for streaming music. Spotify was one of the early adopters which allowed its users to access millions of songs by paying a monthly subscription fee.


The app faces competition from the likes of Deezer, Apple Music, Pandora Music, and Google Play Music, which offer similar services. However, Spotify continues to retain the top spot by offering a delightful and unique experience, while adding useful features at the same time.


The app is quite easy to use, even if you are a new user. Everything you need to use is available on the main screen. It uses the bottom tab bar, a navigation technique which maximizes screen usage while displaying all the important options. The user interface is minimalistic and dark, which makes the album art stand out while you listen to music.


As you continue to listen to music on Spotify, it will start creating playlists with tracks you will like. You can also use the radio feature, which allows you to discover new music. If your friend is listening to a catchy track, you don’t have to type in the name of the artist to find the song. Instead, you can scan the code through your camera, and the app will direct you to the music. It creates a separate playlist, every time you like a song. Overall, Spotify Music is a well-polished app available on the Google Play Store, which allows you to experience and discover high-quality music.


Smule – The #1 Singing App

Smule – The #1 Singing App takes the fourth spot in the Google Play Store, in the free category. Don’t be fooled by its ranking, as the app boasts over 100 million downloads, with 50 million active users every month. Although the app is free, you need to pay to use its VIP services, which allows you to access all the features.


The app makes it fun to record songs, by offering a variety of features. Once you select a song which you want to sing, you can either join group or duet performance with other users of the app. If you are feeling confident, you can also go on a solo performance. The app shows the lyrics and pitch of the song so that you don’t go off track with your performance.


Before you start the recording, you can change the effects and add filters. Once you complete singing the song, you can edit the video, to ensure the vocals match the song. The app allows you to chat with other users and view their profile and recordings.


BlackPlayer EX

In the third spot of the paid category is BlackPlayer EX, a powerful music player. If you are apprehensive of using the paid version, you can also use the free variant of the app, before making a decision.


Moving on to the user interface of the app, it is minimalistic, which provides a great experience. Also, the interface is dark, which allows you to use the app in the night, without hurting your eyes. It is quite customizable, as you can change almost every single element of the app. For instance, you can change the accent color, font, and transition effect to name a few.


The level of customization is extensive when you listen to music. For example, you can enable crossfading or gapless playback for an immersive listening experience. The default user interface is a sliding variant, where you have to swipe to navigate through the options in the menu. The interface is fluid and responsive, a testament of how much the developers have spent creating this app. You can also use the search option to find your songs quickly, an important feature when you have an extensive collection in your smartphone’s memory.


It allows you to create quick playlists through the queue option, ensuring a great user experience. It has an EQ, which allows you to fine-tune the tracks to perfection. Whether you are an audiophile or user looking for a top-notch music app, you can never go wrong with the BlackPlayer EX.


Do you think there are other apps worth mentioning in this article? If yes, let us know by leaving a comment below!


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