Mobile apps have come a long way since their introduction in the market. Initially designed for entertainment purposes, the usefulness of mobile apps has grown to such an extent, that even businesses started using them. One of the main reasons why mobile apps became popular with businesses is because of the automation and digitization they brought in with them. Mobile apps also allow businesses to extend their services.

Due to the transportation company’s widespread distribution of important components, mobile apps have a huge role to play. First of all, mobile apps allow transportation companies to keep track of their resources and organize operations smoothly.

If you own a transportation company, then you have a lot to gain from mobile apps. You can improve your services significantly with these mobile app ideas:

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  1. Assistance and training

As you are running a transportation company, you know the importance of providing your employees with training. To make sure there are no problems with the entire process of transportation, your employees need to be up-to-date with the latest practices. Mobile apps can improve the training experience significantly as it can be used to hold quizzes, ask employees to execute specific tasks and provide performance checks. In a short span of time, your employees will be able to retain knowledge, which will improve productivity and safety greatly.


Suppose your existing employees have questions to be answered, they contact your company. As this a long process, mobile apps can resolve their problems quickly. Mobile apps can be designed to have answers to all queries, making them the one-stop solution for everything.


  1. Data collection

As you are in the transportation industry, there is a lot of data that needs to be collected and analyzed. If you use manual methods, you will spend a large portion of your resources and time. However, with mobile apps, it will become much easier to collect important data. You need to keep track of your inventory, employee and truck movement, health checkup of delivery trucks on a regular basis. With mobile apps, all these tasks become simple and require minimal effort.


  1. Data analytics

Every industry in the world is showing great interest in data analytics because of its significant power of improvement. Data analytics allows you to analyze large amounts of data, which can be used to the benefit of your transportation company. Data analytics mobile apps can go through all the information you have regarding your employees, warehouses, and trucks.


Once it analyzes the given information and provides results, you will get a better idea on how to improve the services of your transportation company. For example, you will know the average time taken by your trucks to deliver through a certain route. You will also know where you need to focus your resources for an optimal delivery time. Every day, you will be able to improve the services of your transportation company.


  1. Employee management

The transportation industry is different from others when it comes to working time for employees. They don’t report at a particular time, work in front of a desk until the end of the day and go home. Your employees will be on the field, which makes it challenging to manage them efficiently and effectively. If they are in remote locations, your job of managing them becomes even harder.


Mobile apps can make it simple and straightforward to manage different employees. It can record their reporting time, working hours, time and status for every delivery, and much more. You can also give your employee their work on the mobile app so that they know about their daily targets. Mobile apps will eliminate miscommunication, making it easier to manage your employees. On top of that, you can also manage payment of wages or salary with the help of mobile apps.


  1. Regulations and emergency

It is important that your employees follow regulations to avoid accidents and problems. While it can be challenging to who is following the rules manually, mobile apps make it a walk in the park. They can tell you if your employees have been on the road for more than eight hours or any other regulation that is important to the safety of them and the goods. For example, mobile apps can display checklists every time your employees reach their destination so that they can unload the goods safely.

Also, in case of emergency, mobile apps can help notify the authorities with the necessary information. Mobile apps can tell them the course of action during times of emergency.

You can improve the services of your transportation company with these mobile app ideas. If you want app designers for your transportation company who are experts in their field, why don’t you contact Robust Tech House? We will design your mobile app according to your requirements!

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