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Creating a useful and great mobile app is only one half of the job. It is extremely important that you commercialize your mobile app as much as possible if you want it to have a large user base. As the app market flooded with different types of mobile apps, people won’t have a clue about the existence of your app if you don’t commercialize it. However, when you think about commercialization, it becomes overwhelming because there are different ways to achieve it.

Don’t worry because, with these simple tips, you will be able to commercialize your mobile app and reap all the benefits!


Be a guest blogger

There are numerous websites which receive thousands of visitors every day. Just imagine, if all these visitors got to know about your mobile app when they visit such websites. It will generate sufficient buzz for your mobile app, directing people to download and try your mobile app. The best way to do this is by becoming a guest blogger for popular websites. Try looking for websites that interest your target audience and contact the editor to see if you can write a handful of guest posts for them.


While being a guest blogger is a great way to commercialize your mobile app, you should make sure that the posts don’t only talk about your mobile app. The topics should provide useful information to your target audience. At the end of every post, you can entice the readers to click on the link and download your mobile app.


Contact an influencer

Another great way to generate interest in your mobile app is to ask an influencer to promote it. As influencers have a large following, they can increase the popularity of your mobile app easily. However, you should make sure that the influencer is popular among your target audience. If you go for influencers whose audience is different, then you run the risk of having users who may not like your mobile app.


You can also ask the influencer to review your mobile app. When an influencer leaves a positive review for your mobile app, you will witness a significant boost in the number of downloads. If you are finding it challenging to find the right influencer for your target audience, use popular platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram.


Create a website

As the entire world is moving online, it is vital that you have a presence in the digital world. If your users are not able to find evidence about your mobile app online, they will assume that it isn’t legitimate. A website is a great way to show your target audience that you mean business with your mobile app.


Another great aspect of a personal website is that you can put all the highlight on the mobile app. You can even create blog posts that promote your mobile app. If you are finding it challenging to create a website, look for tutorials online.


Make use of social media

As there are hundreds of millions of users on various social media platforms, it is the best place to reach out to your target audience. If you play your cards correctly, then your target audience will know about your mobile app. To get organic traffic, you can create a Facebook page for your mobile app. While contacting users on social media, make sure that you don’t only talk about your mobile app. Talk about topics that are meaningful and useful to your target audience.


You can also let more people know about your mobile app through paid advertisements. The best thing about paid advertisements is that you can customize them to meet your requirements specifically.


Utilize App Store Optimization

To improve the discoverability of your mobile app, you need to make the most of App Store Optimization, also known as ASO. App Store Optimization is the equivalent of SEO in the world of mobile apps. Make sure that the name of your mobile app is simple and unique. You should include the right keywords, to make it easier for users to find our mobile app.


The description should provide enough information and be engaging enough to lure your target audience. Ensure that you include screenshots in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store so that the target audience has a basic idea about your mobile app. Last but not the least, make sure that the icon for your mobile app is attractive and clear.


You can also contact the teams behind the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to see if they will feature your app on the front page. However, make sure that your sales pitch is short and convincing, to gain their attention.


Use these simple tips to commercialize your mobile app. If you are looking for expert designers and developers to build a great mobile app, why don’t you contact Robust Tech House?

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