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Thanks to significant development in the field of Artificial Intelligence or AI, it has become one of the hottest trends with respect to mobile app development. According to Mckinsey Global Institute’s study, tech companies such as Google and Baidu have been spending billions of dollars in the field AI. For example, Google spent $400 million to acquire DeepMind, whose AI was able to beat the top players of Go, a strategy-based board game.

What is artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is a term for machines, which have the ability, to mimic intelligent behavior. However, artificial intelligence is a broad term which describes powerful and useful abilities such as knowledge management, machine learning, machine vision, and natural language processing.

Advantages of AI in mobile apps

When you use AI in mobile apps, the possibilities are endless because you can do almost everything with it. To give you a proper understanding on how powerful AI is, here are a few advantages when you use it in mobile apps:


A lot of customers use mobile apps because they make their lives easier and simpler. However, there are certain tasks that users perform on a daily basis. For example, when they are about to sleep, they set their alarm at a particular time. They also switch off their mobile data and connect to Wi-Fi when they enter their house. Although these tasks are simple and straightforward, it can be irritating to do them on a regular basis. With the help of artificial intelligence, automation of such tasks become easy.  Without any human interaction, your mobile app can set alarms just before you hit the sack, every day without fail.

Fresh content

One of the major reasons why mobile apps tend to lose out on their customer base is because of the lack of relevant, fresh, exciting, and engaging content. Developers and designers have to come up with innovative methods to keep engagement rates high. However, with artificial intelligence, this whole process becomes straightforward. Artificial intelligence can go through vast amounts of data, to find content that matches their specific tastes. Recent News is the perfect example of finding fresh content for users. With the help of artificial intelligence, the mobile app will keep track of all your reading habits. After analyzing your past behaviors and interests, the app will suggest relevant articles and news to keep you up-to-date with all the developments in the world.


One of the biggest advantages of AI in mobile apps is personalization. Thanks to the considerable growth of technology, customers expect every experience with mobile apps to be personal. Artificial intelligence is extremely helpful in this area, because of machine learning, one of its most popular subsets. As there are large amounts of data available, AI can go through them in a couple of hours to get a better understanding of customers. These types of data reveal vital behavioral patterns such as spending, purchasing, and interests to name a few.

By analyzing these types of patterns, the AI will have deeper insights about the tastes and preferences of customers. Over time, AI can help mobile apps provide a better user experience to all its customers. For example, imagine if you love purchasing products for your house from an e-commerce app. After some time, you will start receiving notifications of such products that fit within your budget perfectly.


Another great benefit of artificial intelligence in mobile apps is their ability to reason with the current situation. The power to reason sensibly is one of the most powerful aspects of artificial intelligence. For example, mobile apps such as Google Maps use deep learning (another subset of artificial intelligence) to improve its services considerably. When you want to go to a particular destination, the mobile app will take all the factors into consideration, such as traffic, signals, and average speed to suggest the fastest route. Even if you take a different route, the app will adjust the route to ensure you reach the destination quickly.

Examples of mobile apps which use AI

There are a handful of apps on the Google Play Store and Apple App Store which use artificial intelligence. For example, Google Assistant uses AI to provide relevant and useful information to its users. If you are interested in tech news, Google Assistant will suggest those types of articles to you regularly. Google Camera is another app that uses artificial intelligence to improve your pictures. Google Photos uses a subset of artificial intelligence to identify pictures through keywords. It also stitches photographs together to make panoramas and creates stylish pictures, albums, and videos.

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