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As Singapore is a tourist hotspot, millions of people visit the country every year. Out of all the industries, travel and tourism are one of the biggest in Singapore. In June 2017, the revenue of Singapore Tourism reached a staggering $5 billion. When you take a close look at the travel industry, you can see that it has a profitable and prospering future.


One of the major reasons why the travel industry became popular among tourists is due to the significant growth of technology. Since the introduction of mobile apps, they have had a revolutionary impact in this industry. Mobile apps have eliminated the need for travel agents as they can do everything. According to a survey, Singaporeans made 21.9 million trips abroad. When you think about it, tapping into the travel industry has huge benefits. Here are four amazing advantages of mobile apps for the travel industry


Acts as travel guide


No matter where people go, they will always carry their smartphones with them. As a result of this, their smartphones are the most important tools when they travel. For example, when people have to find out about popular hotspots in various cities, they will use their smartphones. They will either use a mobile app or search for these hotspots on the internet. Similarly, to know more about the culture and food of a city, they will take the help of smartphones.


Whether it is to book a taxi or find the best time to visit a monument, people will always turn to their smartphones. In other words, smartphones will always be the number one choice for all types of information. When your travel business has a mobile app, you can display important information to all your customers, making it the ultimate travel guide.


Personalized tour packages


A mobile app gives you the opportunity to offer personalized tour packages to all your customers. When your customers install your mobile app, you will have a better idea about their behavior and preferences. Also, you can ask customers a variety of questions so that you know more about what they are looking for, from your business.


Once you have a proper understanding of your customer’s behavior and preferences, you can suggest personalized tour packages. For example, if you find out that a customer likes to travel on the weekends, you can offer two-day package. When you offer tour packages that meet their needs and requirements, they are more likely to accept the deal.


Simplifies transactions and reduces paperwork


When you run a brick and mortar store, you will have to ensure that you have sufficient change at all times for all the transactions. Also, customers will use a variety of payment methods such as credit/debit card, net banking, Android/Apple/Samsung Pay, and e-wallets to avail your tour packages. As a result of this, it becomes an uphill task to keep track of all the transactions that take place during the working hours of your business. However, when you have a mobile app, it becomes easier to keep an eye on all the transactions, as it takes place on a single platform.


Also, there is lesser paperwork when you use a mobile app. Traditional forms of booking tour packages will involve the printing of tickets. If your customers lose their tickets, they will have to log in to your website and print them again. With a mobile app, the whole process becomes straightforward. The moment they purchase your tour packages, you can send the tickets electronically. For example, they can receive emails with the tickets as attachments.


Unified platform


One of the best advantages of mobile apps for the travel industry is that it unifies the booking platform. If customers have to follow the traditional method of booking tickets, they will have to go online and look for the cheapest rates. Once they find the suitable rates, they will have to book the tickets. However, if they have to use other modes of transport such as taxis, rail, bus, and ship, they will have to book additional tickets. On top of that, they will also have to look for accommodation.


With mobile apps, the whole process becomes simple. Mobile apps can display the cheapest rates for different modes of transport and assist in finding appropriate accommodation. Also, the mobile app will store all the information about the tickets and tour in a single location.


These are the four amazing advantages of mobile apps for the travel industry. As millennials spend a large portion of their time on smartphones, you can also make them a part of your target audience. If you want to witness these advantages for your travel business, why don’t you contact Robust Tech House and ask them to build a mobile app?


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