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About The Client

Check out Hearti’s webpage and profile on Fundacity and you might be as intrigued as we are about their wonderful ideas. A location based chat platform for you to:

  • Meet new people and connect with strangers, find chat groups in your area and engage in conversations that meet your interest.
  • Create new chat rooms for an event or meet-up
  • A whole new shopping experience where shoppers find interesting stores in an area based on hottest trending chats
  • Browse product catalogs, read what others are saying, and chat with the shop owners, right on your mobile phone!

All this sound great but what really differentiates them from existing location based chat apps? You can see the exciting bits in the details below.



The Challenge

For chat interactions, Hearti would measure physiological and psychological responses from their app users, allowing Hearti to perform Predictive Human Analytics and Sentiment Analysis using Machine Learning which learns the users’ emotions (happy, angry, fearful, excited etc) and what causes that emotion eg what do they like or dislike, what makes them angry or fearful. This involves sensor inputs and the first task in their Min Viable Product would be integration of heart-rate sensing as an input for performing human analytics together with Geo-Location. Users would Vote up or down (using your actual heartbeats) all the ingenious, silly, heartwarming and strange things people chat about in your location.

With all these info, Hearti can gather analytics about human behavior never gathered before for businesses to really understand what their customers think, what really got them excited and their hearts racing, which location and events pulled at their heart strings. This allows businesses to engage customers in a meaningful conversation for sale conversion.

Hearti team posed us a challenge to build such an MVP. How can one turn down a challenge of such nature? Challenge accepted!!



The Solution

We worked closely with the Hearti team to analyze their needs and existing code base to determine how best to build an Android mobile front-end that works well and fits into their overall design UI and UX.

The challenging part is hardware integration and reading of sensor values in a sensible manner that can be used reliably for measuring heart-rate. We had our fair share of experience working with hardware and sensors before this project but trust us when we say we can’t rely completely on hardware documentations and hardware APIs to work exactly as expected, especially with different phone models from different vendors. With plenty of hard work, we managed to get things to a point we are comfortable with. The rest of the aspects like GeoLocation and usual user interface work didn’t bother us much.

We look forward now to the launch of Hearti and we are excited to use it ourselves.

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