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Our Valued Clients

RobustTechHouse Clients

Why Our Clients Choose Us

By being operational efficient, we are able to offer one of the best rates in Singapore

We record timesheets conscientiously and contemporaneously to provide full transparency to clients

Our average response time on Slack is less than 1 hour
We write blog articles providing insider tips to our clients

Our Approach

  • Requirements

    Our technical consultants work closely with you to understand your needs, your industry, your business and your goals. Other than knowing our software well, we also have very good grasp of your business objectives. We won't be afraid to be honest with our tech advice and to help you be cost effective while reaching your goals.

  • Design

    We will work with you to wireframe what you need for each of your screens and walk you through the screenflow. We will make our best technical assessments for the mobile app development process and make suitable recommendations for technical designs. You should always feel free to let us know if you have other suggestions.

  • Development

    We believe very much in being transparent with our development process. We will keep you updated and engaged very frequently during the web and mobile app development process. We will frequently provide you with the web and mobile app prototypes that are work in progress so you can experiment with them and provide early feedback.

  • Testing

    We frown and get very unhappy using buggy software and we know you do too. For our web and mobile app development projects, we test ferociously and then even more ferociously to make sure we get rid of all bugs before the final delivery milestone of the web and mobile app development process. We adhere to our mantra of delivering robust and bug-free solutions.

  • Iterate

    We work closely with you for any changes you might have during the project. We will iterate as necessary depending your web or mobile app development needs. Whether you have new ideas during or after the project, we will collaborate with you as your technology partner, see how your ideas add value to your business and work with you for your change requests.

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