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About The Client

CompAsia refurbishes used electronics and retails them for up to 80% less than the original manufacturer’s price! The electronics include desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, smart phones etc. When you buy electronics from them, you get an item of excellent quality and almost brand new. They put their products through a detailed overhaul process, which includes erasing, diagnostics and repair before they re-sell it. They are so confident of the quality of their refurbished goods that they offer a 1 Year warranty along with their goods.

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The Challenge

The CompAsia group needs a powerful Ecommerce platform that meets their needs and flexible to grow with their business. Also, they want a framework that they can re-use for their businesses in other countries. In addition, they have ideas for how to expand their offerings into an intelligent shopping smart phone platform that augments their business. Their previous PHP based solution just isn’t capable of covering all these requirements.

In this business, they see themselves as helping mother earth and nature encourage resource re-use to save the environment and prevent excess garbage choking up rivers, oceans, landfills etc. They endeavour to engender recycling, renewal and refurbishment.

With a cause as lovely and just as theirs, how can we say no? Challenge accepted! RobustTechHouse, a mobile app development, eCommerce and web development agency, is passionate about electronics and saving the environment as well.



The Solution

With our expertise in eCommerce platforms similar to this, we knew what solutions are suitable for CompAsia.

Spree Commerce framework based on Ruby On Rails is suitable and fulfils some of their requirements. We used the framework and customized it for their backend and worked closely with the CompAsia team for their frontend layout. We also built the API’s they need to work with their upcoming smart phone platform.


CompAsia Screenshots

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