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About The Client

As Seen On TV is managed by an affiliated company to Responze TV International Limited. As Seen On TV products sourced by Responze TV International are all supplied by the worlds’ biggest suppliers with QA checks and reputable standards.

Responze TV International is a major player in worldwide marketing and distribution, with an extensive network of distributors in over 88 countries around the world.

Responze TV International is a worldwide industry leader bringing together more than 38 years and specializes in manufacturing; distributing; and marketing innovative products to worldwide customers in Retailing, Catalog, Direct Responze TV (DRTV), Mailing Order and Home Shopping.

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The Challenge

The AsSeenOnTV group needs an ECommerce platform affordable to start with that meets their needs but is flexible enough to scale well with their growing needs.

They came to RobustTechHouse and we accepted the challenge! RobustTechHouse is a leading ECommerce provider, web design and development company. We also provide services in Mobile App Development.



The Solution

We have a lot of experience with requirements like this and knew very well what we can do for the AsSeenOnTV team.

Spree Commerce framework based on Ruby On Rails would be suitable and we just need to customize the template slightly to meet their requirements. Spree Commerce already took care of most of the infrastructure work required.

Based on the needs of AsSeenOnTV team, we debated on whether to host the platform on Heroku (a good DevOps solution for platforms) or setting up the required technology stake on DigitalOcean hosted near the target users. We decided DigitalOcean would be most suitable for them.


AsSeenOnTV Screenshots

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