Should I Go iOS or Android First?

When it comes to choosing the platform for developing your mobile app, the choice can be a bit confusing. The world of mobile app development presents two giants in the app world, iOS, and Android. Both of them have their own advantages and disadvantages. As a result, it can be quite baffling. This article gives you a fair idea about the two platforms and what you can expect of them. You can learn about their pros and cons and then decide which one fits the bill perfectly.

There are a number of scenarios which dominate the decision of which platform to go for. It could be the size of the company or entity who owns the app or the kind of app that is being developed. For example, suppose it is a medically-oriented app, then it will require a particular platform that can support the specific nature of its features. We will take up pointers like revenue models, app features, and demographics among others, to look more closely at which platform is best suited for each scenario.

Android vs. iOS – Revenue models

Android apps are mostly ad-supported whereas iOS mostly has paid apps. This clear distinction brings into focus the fact that iOS apps have a record of earning more revenues as compared to Android apps.

Android vs. iOS – App features

When it comes to app features, Android is a better platform as it supports apps that might be required to run using custom ROMs. iOS does allow customization but only to a certain degree. Android being an open source OS provides mobile app developers with deeper access into Android OS itself.

Android vs. iOS – Demographics

When it comes to the largest platform share on a global basis, Android is the winner hands-down. This is because most of the lower-income areas and developing nations use Android devices over iOS devices. On the other hands, iOS users have higher education levels, higher disposal income, and as such, they spend more per app. However, this is also true for Android users as well. Android has a better reach when it comes to all kinds of demographics, whereas iOS concentrates on a small set with a specific set of demographic characteristics.

Android vs. iOS – Enterprise apps

When it comes to mobile enterprise apps, iOS has an edge over Android given its high-level security features. Android being an open source OS cannot claim to be secure enough for hosting enterprise apps which demand high-level of security and data protection. In fact, the very nature of the open Android has propelled iOS to be known as the more secure option. iOS was also able to supplant Blackberry, which was the number one option for deployments across enterprises.

Android vs. iOS – Tablet vs. iPad

iPad wins the battle when it comes to the war of dominance between iPad and Android tablet. It is very difficult to spot people using Android tablets especially when it concerns business users. On the other hand, you will find people with a technical bent of mind using an Android tablet. You might also find people using Android smartphone using an iPad instead of an Android tablet. Great interface, easy navigation, along with an excellent display quality are some of the reasons why the iPad steals the show in the tablet market.

On another note, apps appear in the Google Play store after quite a long lag since it has been released in the App store. However, since they are offered for free and are supported by ads, more people get to use your app. Once they are popular enough and you start receiving good reviews and response, you can make it a paid app and earn revenues directly from it.


Also, the Xcode that you require for developing apps for iOS can only run on Mac so if you would like to develop an app on the iOS platform, you should have a Mac at your disposal.

Mobile web development is Singapore sees an equal usage of both platforms. The Asia-Pacific region as a whole has also seen a sudden increase in the number of iOS users, which now brings the two

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