Healthcare apps in Asia are still building up momentum. However, there are some healthcare medical apps that just stand out. These apps, with their innovative and useful features, are likely to drive the mobile healthcare industry in Singapore.
In fact, some of them have already started to make a significant impact.


ScolioTrack is an app that assists users in tracing the progress of a condition called Scoliosis. Scoliosis is characterized by a lateral curvature of the spinal cord, which is an abnormal development. The app houses a digital scoliometer that makes it easy even for the average person to identify and measure the rotation of the spine.
All that one has to do is take a picture of the patient’s back and the app does the rest. The app also maintains records for future comparison.

The technology used in the app is developed to track the Angle of Trunk Rotation. This is the primary measurement used to screen for scoliosis. Plus, the method also helps medical care providers develop a plan of treatment, where the patient has all the control.
The app also records details concerning weight and height with images. Data is displayed in the form of a graph, which makes it easy to track changes. In fact, the app saves data for multiple users as well.
Another key advantage of the app is that it saves the time and effort involved in diagnosing scoliosis using traditional methods. Generally, doctors rely on x-rays to determine how far the condition has progressed. Now, ScolioTrack eliminates that need and simplifies the process.
Plus, the app is safer because there is no radiation involved, unlike an x-ray.


Another Singaporean health app making waves is ConnectedHealth. This app relies on Bluetooth enabled devices to monitor pulse, blood glucose, blood pressure, and weight etc. The collected data is sent to a connected smartphone via Bluetooth.
The data is then further transmitted to the user’s doctor/medical care provider. The devices that are paired with thee app include a blood pressure monitor, a weighing scale, a pulse-oximeter, a pedometer, a spirometer, and a glucose meter. There’s even a pill dispenser.
The main objective of the app is to help the user save cost associated with outpatient care.


The Healint app works on both, Android as well as iOS. It is an emergency app that is meant for patients who are likely to have a stroke. A stroke normally leaves the affected individual almost incapacitated, making it difficult for them to call for help using normal methods.
However, Healint addresses this problem by reacting to shakes and vibrations. If the patient has a stroke attack, all that he/she needs to do is shake the phone. This will open up the app. The app will, then, send text messages to the patient’s friends and family.
It can also call for emergency services and even show the patient’s location.


DocDoc is a free app that allows users to search for dentists and doctors within Singapore. The app allows real-time appointment bookings and lets users locate recommended doctors on the move. An integrated map highlights all the doctors and dentists that are located close to the user’s own location.
To book an appointment, users just need to open the app and start by selecting a category. Category here refers to the doctor’s specialization such as cardiology or general medicine. The user, then, needs to enter his/her location or use the device’s location services feature for auto-detecting the location.
The app contains a database of over 12000 doctors in Singapore. The database is updated regularly.

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