How To Learn Mobile Apps Development Fast(iOS & Android) ?

The success of mobile apps around the world has led to an increase in the number of mobile app developers as well. Mobile app developers are not necessarily seasoned developers. They are individuals interested in creating an app based on some idea they have come across that can fulfill the needs of the masses. The industry also poses a low entry barrier which also acts as a motivator for these first-time developers. Apart from that, if your app is a success, you can actually earn a lot from it as well. So, in order to create a successful app based on your innovative ideas, you will need to learn the basics of app development first.

Coding and language

App development requires the knowledge of a programming language such as C#, C or Java. If you are not acquainted with these languages already, you might have to spend some time learning them. You can also use platforms like Appcelerator’s Titanium that can help you transfer your app to a mobile platform. However, in the long term, it will pay off to learn the language required to develop apps on the platform of your choice.

• iOS – Objective-C, Cocoa Touch
• Android – Java
• Windows 7 – Silverlight (which is similar to .NET or C#)

If you choose to work on the iOS platform, then you will essentially be building apps for iPhone and iPad. As mentioned earlier you will need to learn Objective-C and master the Cocoa framework. You will also need to use Xcode which is an integrated development environment. However, Xcode runs only on Mac, which means you will need a Mac to create apps for the App Store.


For Play Store apps which can be developed on the Android platform, you will need to learn Java and use the Android Studio software which runs on Mac, Windows, and Linux. You will need an IDE like Eclipse as well.

Windows Market is a less explored territory but is a good option for people who are willing to create apps for the platform. It allows for visibility as compared to Android and is cheaper as compared to iOS. The interface also provides some brilliant templates and easy navigation.

Ways to learn mobile app development

If you would like to learn app development for iPhone and iPad, the iOS Dev Center is a good place to start learning. It is a free resource by Apple and can be found online. It contains everything from starter guides to video tutorials and everything is documented for the ease of developers.

If Android is the platform of your choice, then you can try the Android Developers Training which comprises of a series of articles. These articles guide you through the process of building your first app. It starts with the basics and moves on to more intricate details of mobile app development.

You can also find books and other online resources that provide training in easier and easily comprehensible formats.

Online Mobile Apps  Training Development

Be it a hobby or career choice, many developers go for online training to get a good grasp of the fundamentals. There has been a significant spike in the number of mobile developers over the last year, Singapore has seen an equivalent increase as well. Mobile developers in Singapore are going for app development training over the internet as it gives them a thorough understanding of the subject and the comfort of learning at their own pace.

If you are totally new to coding, then it will be better to learn the basic web coding first before you go on to mobile app development. This allows you to learn on a more user-friendly platform, making learning easier. You can then go on to app development once you have a good knowledge of the

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