Common Myths related to mobile app development, debunked

Owing to the sheer complexity of mobile app development, there are several businesses that either shy away from the concept altogether or end up creating futile apps that do more harm than good. The issue takes up an uglier face when there are baseless notions and misconceptions regarding mobile apps development leading to erroneous decision-making and inaccurate implementation of the technology. Despite the fact that the technology is no longer alien to the world, there are still innumerable grave myths regarding it, that often result in the enterprises losing major bucks and valuable time counting on irrelevant apps that are not in the least effective. Here we have busted a few common myths that most business houses and entrepreneurs harbor, regarding the mobile application development technology.

Mobile App Development is all about writing down a code

Many a people have this grave misconception that mobile apps development is all about programming and writing the right bug free code. Although, this could be relevant until a few years back in the rudimentary developmental stages after its inception, times have changed and so has the technology. A couple of years ago, all you needed to do was, design a very basic app and the people were automatically enticed into downloading it, based to its novelty and utility.

However, with the evolution of the market trends, developing an effective app requires more than just some elementary knowledge of the various digital platforms such as Android and iOS. It is becoming increasingly important to understand your consumer base and design apps, keeping their interests and expectations in mind. The basic idea behind designing a good mobile app is achieving a higher return on investment or ROI to ensure business expansion and growth. Mobile app development is now driven by ideas more than technology. While a good code can ensure a smooth running of the app, a brilliant idea is what makes it appealing to the target audience. In addition to this, there is also a lot of comprehensive analysis and careful strategizing that is required to predict the fate of an app in the market and to ensure that it is able to generate the projected income.

All you need to do is build and app

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Nothing could be further from the truth as the popular belief that as long as a mobile app is designed well and incorporates advanced functionalities, it will be able to sell itself in the market. Many entrepreneurs believe that their work ends at designing an effective app for making their business available to the target customers. However, building an app is the first and probably the easiest part of the digital marketing strategy. No one can guarantee that your app will be able to appeal to the potential customers and carve a niche for itself in the sea full of other advanced mobile apps. Once your business goes live through a well designed mobile app, the next phase is to implement various marketing strategies to enhance its visibility on the app store and ensure that customers are driven towards downloading it. Furthermore, it is essential to understand your existing customers and devise ways of luring them to make consistent use of your app so that you may reap maximum returns on your investment.

The concept is everything

Another common misconception about apps development doing rounds among the young aspiring entrepreneurs is that an ingenious idea is the key to success in the corporate world. Although, a good idea can definitely set your products and services apart from the other competitors in the market, it is how it is executed that ultimately makes all the difference. An idea is largely worthless unless there is an effective strategy to breathe life into it. All mobile app developers must consider the three basic principles of building a well articulated product that is able to generate the projected revenues for the enterprise. The three factors that ensure a fruitful implementation of an innovative idea are the right timing, right place and right market. To put it in other words, a sustainable app is the one that is able to both stand out from its competition and fulfill the demands and expectations of its target market.

Marketing is the only way to get the required customer visibility

Although, having an effective marketing strategy is critical to improving the ranking and visibility of your app on the app store, it is not necessarily the only way to achieve the desired recognition. The first and foremost step towards having a great mobile app is designing an interface that pleases the eye and incorporating a set of functionalities that provide gripping user experience. Statistics indicate that most successful apps obtain their reputation and popularity through word of mouth and not marketing. There are so many instances when a close friend has advised us to download a great app, based on his own perception and experience with it. A loyal and happy customer is probably the best endorser of a well articulated mobile app.

Building a mobile app implies a whooping investment

This one is a bit tricky, since the cost of mobile app development is largely dependent on the type and functionality of the app that you are developing. Gone are the days when you had to shell out major bucks just to get a simple software designed. With the evolution of technology, the overall cost of designing and developing a mobile app has touched a new low. However, your investment will also be determined by the kind of functionalities and UI tools incorporated in your app.

It is good idea to actually gain an in-depth understanding about mobile apps development before taking the huge plunge in developing one with limited knowledge.

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